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Difficult for the United States to strengthen the fight against corruption

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- The meeting of Ricardo Zúniga, special envoy of the government of Joe Biden for the Northern Triangle, with the presidents of El Salvador and Guatemala and the call of a delegation from the government of Honduras to Washington to address the causes of migration and corruption in this country generate a series of discrepancies on the bilateral relationship.

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Former Foreign Minister Edmundo Orellana has his own opinion.

How do you assess the current relations of the Biden government with the Honduran government?

These relationships are determined by what the federal courts in the Southern District of Manhattan establish on the issue against drug trafficking that politicians lead from Honduras, especially, supposedly, from the government. This is a variable that is there and is going to be the one that determines everything that comes in relations with the United States. Apart from this, some senators are pressing, from the political level, for decisions to be made consistent with what is being done in the federal courts.

What would the impact be?

These political decisions are aimed at sanctioning the current ruler and the government, and consequently who will suffer the effects is the Honduran population, because there will be restrictions on the cooperation of States that will translate into suspension of financing, technology transmission, among other things.

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Do you consider that the fight against corruption will be strengthened?

I do not see a way that the United States can strengthen the fight against corruption since the institutions that are supposed to be fighting corruption are part of the problem, we are talking about the Supreme Court and the Public Ministry. Two institutions that are unconditionally at the disposal of the ruler.

Do you think that Ricardo Zúniga’s non-visit to Honduras has an implicit message?

Yes, sure, but that does not give a damn to the government. Remember that Nancy Pellosi came here, with a higher level of representation than Zúniga and she despised the ruler, she said that she did not want to see him, that he was a despicable person for her, and what did that mean for the government? Nothing, then Trump hugged him and told him that he was his representative here in Central America, he even recognized him better merits than the doctors who were fighting the coronavirus. Look that Trump accused Hernández and his government of being corrupt and said that he had nothing to do with him, but once he managed to get Honduras to become a safe third country, he became an ally of the Hernández government and they began to favor the government. Honduran with the expulsion of the Maccih, it left because the United States wanted it, otherwise it would never have left.

With the current relationships, what should be expected for the next few months?

Nothing, absolutely nothing, because so far Biden is listening to what to do visiting Guatemala and El Salvador and it seems that they have some contacts with important Honduran government officials, which means that what they were not going to discuss with the government is not true, from there they begin to lie.

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