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Diet of Tibetan monks

Delicious healthy food and oriental philosophy form a wonderful union. We eat right in all respects.

Tibetan monks are mysterious people with mysterious rituals and are completely different from our lives. But one thing is certain: they are wise, enlightened and peaceful. And yes! They are never fat.

Therefore, it seems that the Tibetan diet will help us discover some unique path. Maybe not to become wiser, but to lose weight for sure.

However, the attractive orientality of this diet remains questionable. It looks like the Tibetan diet is not from Tibet. Suspicions creep in already at the level of the “slimming” menu. For example, people practically do not eat fish in the mountains. In addition, there are very different versions of the Tibetan diet. We will consider only one – the most common and effective. The course fits into the framework of one week. Diet helps to lose weight, cheer up, cleanse.

What is the highlight

The Tibetan diet is a typical case of lacto-vegetarianism. Animal fats and meat are not included in the nutrition program. On the other hand, milk is possible. You can also fish. The main diet of those who are losing weight on such a diet are fresh vegetables, fruits, and legumes. Gifts of gardens and vegetable gardens are at your service.

An abundance of plant foods is the key to success. The Tibetan diet, through a vegetarian approach to food, will help you cleanse your body without depriving you of essential vitamins and minerals. The food is more than healthy, no doubt. Although vitamin complexes do not hurt to drink. After all, any change in eating habits and any restrictions affect our condition. The Tibetan diet in this regard is safer than many, but the “shortage” can still be found. For example, in terms of useful amino acids.

The dairy component of the diet will help your digestive system cope with the dominance of plant foods.

Now about the most original in the Tibetan “slimmer”. Eastern philosophy for your beauty. It is important to think about how nervous you are and in what conditions you eat. Try to reduce your stress levels. Sitting down at the table, try to think of good things. Meditative relaxing music will only help.

You need to eat slowly and thoughtfully. And this is a very wise approach. In this way, you will gradually wean from the “seizing” of your experiences. Do not “swallow too much” in thought. You will gorge on even quite modest portions: the organism, not occupied with global problems, will give a signal of saturation in time. It is recommended to form small portions.

Supply system

Everything is allowed, except for unacceptable products (meat, eggs, etc.).

There is a certain consistency in eating. Better to start with fruits, vegetables, broths. Then move on to fish and seafood. Dairy products and cereals are the last. The Tibetan diet places special emphasis on water. Anything with more moisture is digested quickly. The body copes with the first task and proceeds to the second – the development of other, heavier reserves. If everything is the other way around, then the digestion of fish, cereals or milk will overlap with the digestion of the rest. Everything will get messed up, the system will not work harmoniously. And with the recommended sequence – like notes.

Snacks are allowed. The feeling of hunger leads to the fact that the next meal turns into a struggle for supplies for the future. A constantly well-fed person will not pounce on a plate of chop. Snacks can help you avoid fasting. Eat nuts, fruits, or a glass of freshly squeezed juice. By the way, a medium-sized fruit or a glass of juice is considered a complete dish.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are very few disadvantages to the diet. Especially if you do not go beyond the weekly schedule. There are plenty of pluses. Metabolic processes are normalized. There is no exhausting hunger, ailments, irritability. Lots of delicious food allowed. For example, a delicious salad with arugula and shrimp. The menu is so varied that even in a restaurant or at a festive table you will find “your” food. Cheerfulness and lightness will come very quickly and will stay with you for a long time. Well, the excess weight will go away. Smoothly and surely.


On a Tibetan diet, you can lose from a kilogram to five without harming your health. Many principles of this “weight loss” will help you to believe that tasty and healthy food is one and the same. This means that it will be quite easy to lose weight further.

Nutritionist comment

If you follow such a diet for a week, then there will be no harm to health. But the problem of excess weight cannot be solved in 7 days. You should ALWAYS eat right! Arugula with shrimps is delicious, but not available to everyone. Restriction of animal protein leads to a deficiency of essential amino acids, and this, in turn, to disruption of the synthesis of protein compounds needed by the human body.

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