Determination of Biden’s election victory: Republicans plan disruptive action for January

Determination of Biden’s election victory
Republicans plan to disrupt January

A few days before Biden’s victory is officially declared, the elected US president is working on the legend of the stolen election. While Trump continues to deny his defeat, Republican party comrades want to hold up the reading of the results.

There is likely to be a delay in the official reading of the results of the US presidential election in Congress on January 6th. After a group of Republican MPs from the US House of Representatives had already announced objections, Republican Senator Josh Hawley has now announced that he will appeal the results. As a reason, he wrote on Twitter that there were irregularities in the election.

The incumbent US President Donald Trump lost the election to his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in early November – by a clear margin. Trump has so far stubbornly refused to admit defeat. The Republican claims he was defeated by massive fraud. Neither Trump nor his lawyers have provided any substantive evidence to support these claims. More than 50 lawsuits from the Trump camp have so far been thrown out of courts, including the US Supreme Court.

On January 6th, the House of Representatives and the Senate will meet to read the votes from the states and officially announce the result. Only then is it official who has won the election. There have long been plans among Trump’s Republicans in the House of Representatives to appeal the reading.

Only twice in US history

In order to force both chambers to deliberate on the election result, the law requires at least one MP and one senator to object. With Hawley’s participation, that requirement would be met.

According to the Science Service of the US Congress, there have only been two similar protests since 1887: in 1969 and 2005. In January 2005, a Democratic senator supported the objection of a Democratic MP against the election of George W. Bush. However, the action only delayed the traditional procedure of reading out the results. This is likely to be the case in January as well. House Chairwoman Democrat Nancy Pelosi said after Hawley’s announcement that she had no doubt that Biden’s win would be confirmed on Jan. 6.

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