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Detention complaint successful – concentration camp secretary suing from custody

Lübeck – After four days, the former concentration camp secretary Irmgard Furchner (96) is out of custody again.

Furchner is charged with complicity in murder on 11,387 cases. The public prosecutor’s office accuses her of helping as a typist in the Stutthof concentration camp (Poland) between 1943 and 1945 in the killing of prisoners.

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She skipped the start of the process last Thursday. After a suitability test for imprisonment, she was taken to the Lübeck JVA.

In contrast, the 96-year-old successfully lodged a complaint on Tuesday: The 3rd large youth chamber of the Itzehoe district court suspended the arrest warrant, as a court spokeswoman announced on Tuesday. After examining the complaint, she was released from custody with security measures in place.

On September 30, the court ordered pre-trial detention until further notice and thus reacted to the attempt by the former secretary in the Stutthof concentration camp to evade the trial.

The trial will continue on October 19th.

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