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Dessio: the investigation for the crime remains airtight and theft is ruled out

The investigators of the crime of Verónica Dessio agreed yesterday in the reserved attitude before the consultations on the advances in the investigation. It was only broken to confirm a piece of information obtained on Thursday: whoever murdered the lawyer at her house located at 5 between 636 and 637 had not planned a robbery.

“We are working”, a source from the investigation said yesterday afternoon and closed any option of questions about the hypotheses that are being handled since the 49-year-old woman was found dead, with several stab wounds.

“Many hypotheses may appear, but nothing is official,” said another source linked to the case, discarding versions that were circulating the day before.

At the same time, he emphasized that “the issue of theft is ruled out. They didn’t take anything ”.

In this context of secrecy, the possibility that it was a femicide was mentioned. Again, the sources consulted by this newspaper were silent.

The crime was discovered around 11:15 p.m. on Wednesday in the barbecue area of ​​the house. The lawyer resided in that environment.

According to sources, the woman was lying on the ground and had a very deep cut on her neck, and stab wounds in that area. She was also attacked in the back.

The body was found by Carolina Pérez (48), Dessio’s ex-partner, whom he had married in 2010.

Pérez, already testified before the prosecutor in the case, Ana Medina (UFI No. 1). She explained that she was separated from Dessio but they had reached a coexistence agreement whereby her ex lived in the barbecue area at the back of the house.

As he stated, when he arrived at the house, “he observed the gate ajar so he approached the barbecue area observing Dessio lying in a pool of blood,” a police source said in the hours after the discovery.

Then, it came to the researchers’ attention that the house had no significant or missing alterations.

The knife used in the incident did not appear either, said the source consulted at that time.

The policemen concentrated on the weekend in the visualization of images of a security camera of a neighboring house.

Dessio and Pérez had gotten married in June 2010, in La Plata, after a long lawsuit to get it.

In that organization of the house, they lived with a child who was not there at the time of the event.


Verónica Dessio had made headlines a decade ago for having starred in nothing less than the first equal marriage.

The link was not easy since at that time the Registry of Persons had rejected the request for a turn to get married.

Dessio, a lawyer, and Pérez, a psychologist, appealed to the courts to achieve their mission and finally in May the Oral Criminal Court II of La Plata gave rise to the amparo action filed by the two women.

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