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Despite the Covid, parties and clubs do not stop in Ecatepec

In Ecatepec and Chalco, municipal authorities dispersed hundreds of people who this weekend concentrated in bars, XV-year parties and religious celebrations, without heeding the health recommendations for the pandemic, such as healthy distance, the use of face masks and antibacterial gel.

In Chalco, the Cabildo approved the mandatory use of face masks and establish fines of up to 10,000 UMAs (Unit of Measurement and Update), that is, 868,000 pesos to the owners of business lines who do not comply with the measures established by the epidemiological traffic light – the which is in red — published in the Government Gazette of the State of Mexico since December 18.

For this reason, authorities of this municipality, in an operation, suspended this Sunday a religious celebration in San Martín Cuautlalpan, where there were more than 50 people gathered, without a healthy distance and without face masks.

Chalco authorities suspended a religious celebration in San Martín Cuautlalpan, where more than 50 people were gathered.

In Ecatepec, on Saturday night, approximately 250 people were dispersed from the La Bandida bar, located in the Super Plaza Ecatepec, El Charco neighborhood, who did not comply with the health recommendations such as keeping their distance, in addition to the fact that at this time the sale is restricted of alcoholic beverages due to the red traffic light.

During the weekend operations, Ecatepec authorities verified that the bar was in operation and concentrated some 250 people inside, who were dispersed, to close the place for incurring in various irregularities, among them not abiding by the operating hours , reported municipal authorities.

In addition, personnel from the areas of Civil Protection, Economic Development, Urban Development, Government and Public Security, among others, suspended this weekend three parties in which approximately 150 people participated, and closed two convenience stores for violating the restrictions of sale of alcoholic beverages, in addition to evicting the aforementioned bar and removing merchandise that was sold in a street.

On Friday night, municipal staff toured the Christmas bazaars of the Luis Donaldo Colosio and Ciudad Azteca neighborhoods, to supervise that merchants and customers complied with sanitary measures, while making recommendations to comply with the allowed hours, from 5:00 p.m. at 22:00 hours.

In the Valle de Ecatepec neighborhood, the authorities dispersed a meeting on Abeto Street, where about 15 young people who drank alcoholic beverages on public roads participated, who withdrew from the place.

On Saturday night, Ecatepec authorities also placed suspension stamps in the Eqqus convenience stores, located in the Villa de Guadalupe neighborhood, and Neto, in Granjas Valle de Guadalupe, whose managers did not respect the restrictions on the sale of alcoholic beverages. in addition to not presenting the necessary documentation to operate.

In addition, a 15-year party was dispersed, which was held in the Magno room, with about 100 guests, who agreed to end the celebration on Pingüino Street, Colonia Granjas Populares Guadalupe.

In Rosa de la India street, Alborada de Aragón neighborhood, a party was dissolved, enlivened by a musical group, in which around 30 people participated.

In the Fuentes de Aragón neighborhood, Ecatepec authorities took bottles and cans of beer from an individual who was selling prepared drinks aboard a car on Valle de Tulum street.

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