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Despite covid-19, president of Jucopo in Oaxaca celebrates party

In Oaxaca, even though a few days ago he died for covid-19, the deputy Othón Cuevas, the president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), Delfina Guzmán de Brunette, organized a party without masks, among its employees, to say goodbye to the new year.

He also uploaded the photos of his celebration to social networks, to Facebook and Instagram accounts where he was criticized by netizens, since the legislator is observed without a mask and without respecting the healthy distance between her guests.

Likewise, the deputy, close to Senator Salomón Jara Cruz, gave hugs to all attendees, as part of the end of the year celebration.

Since she took office on November 15, as president of the Political Coordination Board of the Local Legislature of Oaxaca, Deputy Delfina Guzmán has been the target of harsh accusations since she allowed the full legislative sessions to be held without complying with the measures prevention measures and did not accept that they were suspended despite the high number of infections by covid-19 that it has Oaxaca.

Consequently, local deputy Othón Cuevas Cordova of the National Regeneration Movement Party (Morena), died in a high specialty hospital after being infected by the virus covid-19.

The legislator tested positive for SARS-Cov2 on December 15 and announced that he would be kept in isolation and under medical treatment at his home, but on December 21 he reported serious respiratory failure, for which he was admitted to a hospital in high specialty where he was intubated and finally died.

Along with the legislator, his mother Reynalda Córdova Cuevas died days before, who was also infected with the disease.

Just a few weeks ago, a spread of infections of covid-19, where at least nine legislators were infected.

Among the deputies who have been infected by the virus are the legislators Lilia Mendoza, Aurora López Acevedo, Juana Aguilar Espinoza, Laura Estrada Muro, Fredy Delfín, Ángel Domínguez, Gustavo Díaz Sánchez, and Arsenio Mejía, current president of the Board of Directors.

Given the spread of the virus among the personnel working in the Legislative Power of Oaxaca, due to the fact that face-to-face sessions have been held in recent weeks with the assistance of workers and officials, the decision was made to cancel them immediately at the facilities, in addition to carry out mitigation measures.

Likewise, it was determined to install sanitary and security filters at the entrances of the local congress and in the main access of the Legislative Plenary, in which the Headquarters of Medical Services, and Security and Protection disinfect, take the temperature and apply antibacterial gel to people that enter.


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