DALLAS – Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle tested positive for COVID-19 in a test this Friday, so tonight’s game will be led by his assistant Jamahl Mosley.

But the biggest surprise for Carlisle and the Mavericks is that the same coach said in a video conference with the Dallas press that he had already been fully vaccinated against the virus since last January.

Carlisle stayed at the hotel waiting for a second test, he said, hoping it would turn out negative and he could go to the game. But it was not like that.

For the Mavericks, the pandemic has been a nightmare so far this season. Five players tested positive in different weeks during January, including four rotation elements, although only one of their games was postponed.

The Mavs are the NBA team that has had the greatest lack of players in various games as a result of COVID.

Carlisle, 61, said he didn’t have any symptoms, was in perfect condition, and even exercised in the morning.

“In this year of the unexpected, this morning in the test that we are given to coaches every day I had an unexpected positive test,” said the coach. “It is possible and I hope it is a false positive.”

“This seems like a mistake, but either way I am entering the NBA’s health and safety protocol,” he added.

On the same Friday afternoon, Carlisle was cleared to travel with the team to Washington after missing Friday’s 99-86 victory over the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.