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Dermaplaning: the controversial TikTok beauty technique that can damage your skin

TikTok has become one of the most important video platforms of the moment due to the wide variety of options that allow you to create unique content.

From exercise routines and beauty tips, to tips to fix your car. There is literally everything! But what happens when what we see can cause unexpected damage?

Especially when we talk about beauty, there are many people giving advice that they ensure that you will have a young and smooth skin following what they have already tried. The reality is that skin care does not work like that and you must be very careful what you follow on this platform.

Facial shaving or dermaplaning

Dermaplaning has become one of the hottest trends in TikTok. Women have started shaving facial hair low promise of making skin brighter. This, according to tiktokers, allows foundation and other skin care products to be smoother and helps remove dead skin cells.

However, what nobody says is that this hair plays an important role on your face as it gives your skin a smoother appearance. By removing it with a razor you can cause the hair to grow back thicker and thicker, which means that you will have to shave frequently if you want your skin to remain hair free.

Dermatologists also say that dermaplaning is not for everyone, especially if you have acne or rosacea because doing so could further irritate the skin.

While many of us ignore that hair, it seems that TikTok has made it more visible to others who end up giving it great importance. The most popular influencers of the platform assure that Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor came to include it in their routine. Although it is a technique used in ancient times, you must pay attention to specialists who are dedicated to skin care.

“Dermaplaning is actually a technique of manual exfoliation which is used to scrape the upper layers of the skin (or stratum corneum), to illuminate and allow the products to penetrate deeper into the skin. It is best done using a surgical scalpel blade in the clinic and is often combined with an exfoliating peel, ”says Dr. David Jack, a dermatologist at Skin Care Clinic Harley St London.

The risks of shaving facial hair.

The tools are affordable and easy to come by, but you must be very careful what you use.

“It is a technique that can best be performed by a professionally trained person, not only to assess the suitability of the skin for treatment, but also to reduce the high risk of cuts and irritation. In professional treatments, surgical blades are used, which are sharper and properly sterilized, and the technique often takes months to perfect, ”says Jack.

The risk of damage associated with a DIY treatment is not worth it.

These days, it’s impossible to underestimate the role of social media in the emergence and spread of new beauty trends, including dermaplaning. It’s a domino effect: a woman watches a tutorial, then makes her own tutorial, inspiring others to follow suit.

The main role of facial hair is to protect our skin and by removing it, we could be exposed to anything from sensitivity and burning to itching. A professional can evaluate the type of skin you have.

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