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Deputy Soher El Sukaria: “They started vaccinating and we don’t know what the hell the vaccine has”

The session to discuss the retirement formula started tense. With a Congress blocked by the demonstrations in favor and against the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy, the debate was on the verge of collapsing due to lack of quorum. This situation raised the temperature early in the room, which this time looks with a large number of legislators present despite the possibility that they have to participate remotely.

In addition to the controversy over the quorum, there was a modification of the usual mechanics on the way in which questions of privilege and deviations of regulation should be presented, with a more limited time of presentation for each deputy, which caused disagreement in some opponents .

But the maximum point of tension came when the PRO deputy for Córdoba Soher El Sukaria made a request for “the silent pandemic” that has to do with gender violence and the death of women. Although the legislator’s speech proceeded normally, the president of the Chamber, Sergio Massa, let her know that her time was running out, which generated a harsh Chicana on the part of the leader: “In the last two weeks 18 women died , sYou are not interested in the death of women …”.

The answer came from Massa who told him “Deputy I ask you to be respectful and understand that it was agreed in parliamentary work, respect the time because it is to respect the body”, in an angry tone.

“I respect how I respect everyone, first respect is fair, I do not deserve to raise my voice to me or anyone else in this chamber …” but she was interrupted by Massa who made a reference to the fact that he had your time is up. The legislator decided to continue speaking, which meant that an annoying president of the Chamber of Deputies imposed an ultimatum on her: “don’t force me to close the microphone, close …”

But the legislator of the Pro remained and responded again with another Chicana “if you are happy, close the microphone, turn it off, president ….”

But not happy with this crossing, which had already generated cries from all sectors of the Chamber, Soher El Sukaria advanced and launched: “I looked, today the vaccination began, they are going to vaccinate retired people, they are going to vaccinate everyone without knowing what the fuck They are going to inoculate us, they are not interested in the death of women, so turn off the microphone and put it for consideration. Thank you”.

These sayings caused the ruling bloc to lower a loud boo to the legislator, which ended her speech.

The deviation of the regulation requested by the Pro legislator for Córdoba was considered and in less than 30 seconds it was rejected. Massa announced it and, without looking up from the papers, went ahead with the session.

In the ruling party they smiled at the crossing and pointed out that the way of arguing of the Cordoba legislator has more to do with her internal position than with anything else.


In the ruling party they smiled at the intersection and pointed out that, although the legislator usually intervenes vehemently every time she takes the word, they understand that the way of arguing of the Cordoba legislator “has more to do with her internal position than with anything else” .

In the Frente de Todos they point out that Soher El Sukaria is the visible face of Patricia Bulrrich’s wing in the Pro’s intern in Córdoba. It is the “hard wing” of the party in the Mediterranean province where the larretismo seeks to make a foothold in the face of the next elections

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