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Deputy resignation to Morena; accuses “farce” in candidate selection

The federal deputy Claudia Yáñez Centeno he renounced his membership in Brunette this Tuesday, accusing “dark interests” by the party leadership to place the state government delegates as candidates for the governments of the entities that will be renewed next year.

In a letter that he personally delivered to the national headquarters of the political institute, Yáñez Centeno accused Mario Delgado and the National Elections Commission for having used, in an infamous way, those who registered as candidates for the candidacies.

“It is inadmissible that, due to dark interests and previous cupular agreements, they imposed super-delegates as candidates, some accused of corruption, despite being ineligible, in an unequal competition, mounting that farce in which our rights are being trampled on,” he said. the legislator.

Claudia Yanez I aspired to be a candidate for Brunette al government of Colima, where she was the winner in the state poll, conducted by the party, Indira Vizcaíno, a licensed federal deputy and coordinator of social programs in the state.

Since Vizcaíno became known as a candidate for Colima, last Monday, the national leadership of Brunette it has not announced any other candidates, and in the missing states, divisions among the applicants have been documented.

This Monday, in a press release, Senator Cruz Pérez Cuéllar accused the coordinator of state delegates, Gabriel Garcia, of being directly responsible for manipulating the selection of party candidates for state governments.

“Such is the case of Chihuahua and Guerrero, where an attempt is made to leave as gubernatorial candidates the characters who recently served as delegates of the federal programs and, in both cases, the officials place themselves very far from electoral preferences.” , said Pérez Cuéllar.

The Broken Chair has reported that there has been no transparency in the selection process of candidates of Brunette to the 15 governorships that will be renewed in 2021, as promised by the party’s national president, Mario Delgado.

On December 19, this portal announced that the surveys carried out in at least seven state where the party’s candidate was already designated.

Pérez Cuellar is not the first candidate to accuse of irregularities in the selection process.

Such is the case of two aspiring candidates for Brunette to the government of Tlaxcala: Senator Ana Lilia Rivera and businesswoman Dulce Silva, who did not know the results of the survey in Tlaxcala, after it was announced that Lorena Cuéllar will go as a candidate.

Félix Salgado, candidate for the candidacy of Brunette to the government of Guerrero, was also dissatisfied with the supposed appointment of Pablo Amílcar Sandoval, former delegate in Guerrero for federal government social programs.


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