Deputies: with the support of allies, the ruling party turned the new retirement mobility into law

The ruling party has enacted the new retirement mobility formula, which will affect the income of 18 million people Credit: @DiputadosAR

The ruling party of the Chamber of Deputies managed tonight, after a tight vote, to turn into law the new pension mobility formula, an initiative that will affect the income of almost 18 million people among retirees, pensioners and beneficiaries of social allowances and that is key for the Government to adjust public spending.

After an intense debate, which was attended by the head of the Anses, Fernanda Raverta, the initiative was approved with 132 affirmative votes and 119 negative. The Frente de Todos bloc, chaired by Máximo Kirchner, won the support of the deputies of the Unidad para el Desarrollo Federal blocs, who presides Jose Ramon, as well as the four legislators who respond to the governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, among other allied banks.

From the opposition, the president of the Juntos por el Cambio interblock, Mario Negri, he anticipated the negative vote of his bench. The Cordovan, in his closing speech, accused the ruling party of sinning “cynicism” and brought to his bench, as a reminder, one of the stones with which Congress was attacked in 2017, when it was discussed, during the government of Mauricio Macri, the latest retirement mobility law.

“I brought this stone to remember what happened three years ago. I am convinced that democracy can never go hand in hand with violence. I am convinced that denying violence and being applauded as fair is pure cynicism,” said the Cordovan. .

Máximo Kirchner closed the debate with a fiery speech
Máximo Kirchner closed the debate with a fiery speech Credit: Video capture

Maximum Kirchner, In the closing speech of the debate, he returned the glove and took to his bench the supposed rubber bullets with which the security forces repressed the demonstrations in December 2017. “These are the rubber bullets that you used. And I only show them because you brought the stones. You are not resistant, you are the power of Argentina. Resist, the comrades resisted, outside the plaza in 2017, “the head of the Kirchner bloc replied.

The new pension mobility formula, which will come into effect as of January next year, excludes inflation as a component for updating assets, which deserved the sustained critique of Together for Change and Federal Consensus, as well as the deputies of the left. The opponents warned that, with this rule, retirement assets will lose purchasing power in the face of the rise in the cost of living and demanded that, at least, a clause be included in the text that guarantees that this does not happen. It was in vain: the ruling party rejected the request.

The official project approved yesterday, on the other hand, proposes quarterly updates of salaries through a formula whose 50% combines the variation of wages according to the Indec (which includes informal workers) and the Ripte (which is measured by the Ministry of Labor), of both values ​​it takes the best. The other 50% will be defined according to the variation of the tax collection that goes to the Anses, by beneficiary. The resulting increase would be capped by the interannual variation of the total collection of the pension system, per beneficiary, increased by 3%.

According to the ruling party, with this formula retirees and beneficiaries of social allowances they will not lose purchasing power because, they estimate, next year the economy is expected to grow by at least 5% and, with it, an increase in wages and collection.

The reform was approved by 132 votes to 119
The reform was approved by 132 votes to 119 Credit: HCDN Press

The president of the Social Welfare Commission, the official Marcelo casarettoHe stated that “this is a very good law for retirees and Argentines,” and said: “Time will prove us right.” In addition, he emphasized: “The objective of this government is for Argentina to grow and the benefits of growth reach workers and retirees. That is why we link with two essential variables: wages of active workers and with the improvement in collection.”

“The formula is tied to the variation of wages and collection: both will inevitably increase next year. Or does anyone believe that wage increases will be agreed in parity below inflation?”, He said, for his part, the deputy Carlos Heller.

The president of the Budget Commission dismissed the forecasts of the private consultants and the Market Expectations Survey (REM) that warn of a rebound in inflation next year and rejected the claim to include in the text a clause that guarantees a floor in the assets that protect them from an eventual increase in the cost of living.

“The floor is in the guarantee of the public policies of this government. The floor is in which wages and tax collection are going to increase and that is going to give a virtuous formula,” he said.

Sergio Massa, president of the Chamber of Deputies
Sergio Massa, president of the Chamber of Deputies Credit: HCDN Press

The opposition maintains the opposite: it predicts that although the economy will rebound after the collapse suffered this year by the pandemic, inflation could be around 50%, according to the forecasts of private consultants and the Market Expectations Survey (REM) of the Central Bank.

“The concept of this law is adjustment. The only reason is to save resources: during 2020 100,000 million were saved with the suspension of retirement mobility. That is why you do not see retirees celebrating, but they came [al recinto] Anses officials to celebrate the adjustment on retirees, “emphasized the radical Alejandro Cacace, who declared: “The retirees are going to make them accountable for this action, that’s why we voted negative.”

From Federal Consensus, Jorge Sarghini he questioned the ruling party and Together for Change alike. “They blame each other. If they say so much to defend retirees, how can they explain that the minimum retirement does not reach half of the basic basket after having been a governor all this time? I ask you for a bit of self-criticism,” he said. .

Sergio Massa and Máximo Kirchner
Sergio Massa and Máximo Kirchner Credit: HCDN Press

The legislator demanded that a clause be included in the text that would guarantee that retirees will not lose purchasing power in the face of inflation. “We do not believe that the projections of the ruling party are what they will be. If they are right and the economy is going to grow next year, the guarantee clause does not go off. As this clause was not included, we are going to vote against” , said.

For his part, the deputy and head of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, He argued that “this is a formula tied to macroeconomics and reducing the fiscal deficit.” And he affirmed: “But the ruling party is not capable of telling the truth, of admitting that we have a deficit problem and that it wants to ingratiate itself with the IMF. If they presented things like this, the debate would be more honest and perhaps we would reach consensus because the crisis pension is not resolved if it is not with a strong agreement “.

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