Democrats secure control in the Senate

Dhe Democrats of the future American President Joe Biden have, according to several media forecasts, secured control of the Senate by winning two runoff elections in the state of Georgia. The Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff prevailed against the previous Republican incumbent David Perdue, as the broadcasters NBC and CBS as well as the AP news agency reported on Wednesday. Previously, the Democrat Raphael Warnock had already been declared the winner in the race against the Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler.

With a de facto majority in the Senate, Biden can rule through the next congressional elections in two years – provided the Democrats in Congress pull together. According to forecasts, the Democrats now hold 50 of the 100 seats in the Senate. The stalemate can be resolved by the future Vice President Kamala Harris in favor of the Democrats – she has this power in her function as Senate President.

Trump’s fraud allegations may have harmed Republicans

This means that the Democrats have a de facto majority in the chamber, which among other things must confirm candidates for the Supreme Court and high government offices. In addition, the senators play a crucial role in legislation. You also have the final say in impeachment proceedings against a president.

Incumbent President Donald Trump continues to raise unsubstantiated fraud allegations in the November 3rd presidential election. There had been concerns among his Republicans that this would undermine the prospects of success for the two Republican candidates in Georgia.

The fear was that Trump’s allegations of “stolen” votes could deter Republicans from casting their votes. The Republicans had a better starting position in the runoff elections for two Senate seats on Wednesday: one victory would have been enough to defend their majority in the Senate.

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