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Demi Moore without makeup looks radiant at 58

Demi Moore has a successful career as an actress and model, and at 58 years old she has shown that she is in her prime.

And it is that, through its networks, it dazzles with its natural beauty, publishing photos and videos without makeup.

Although at the end of January she caused controversy with her appearance at a Fendi show, for her spring 2021 collection in Paris, she has shown that it was all about makeup, that it did not favor her.

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And it is that in that parade he looked different, showing a completely smooth forehead, and the lower part of his face, especially the cheekbones and mouth, looked completely different.

In an interview with Naomi Campbell some time after the show, she clarified that she had not undergone cosmetic touch-ups, but that it was all thanks to makeup.

Demi Moore without makeup looks radiant at 58

In videos and photos that she has recently published, the famous looks without makeup, with simple looks, and shows how beautiful and radiant she looks at 58 years old.

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She clearly has wrinkles like all of them, and it is something she is proud of because she shows them without problems, and shows that in the show the makeup did not really favor her and made her look different.

In current photos she looks fresh and beautiful, and while she may have had some touch-ups done, she looks very natural and perfect in her almost 60s.

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“How beautiful she looks”, “let them say what they want about her, she looks divine”, “Demi is a goddess and she does not look her age”, “she is the most beautiful woman she does not look 58”, “I love her skin she is perfect ”, and“ without makeup she looks even more beautiful ”, are some of the comments on the images.

Without a doubt, Demi Moore has the secret of eternal youth, because she does not appear her age and her looks are very fresh and modern.

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