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Demi Lovato and the celebrities who have openly declared themselves pansexual

In the XXI century there are still people who condemn the LGBTQ + community, so more celebrities have come out not only to support them, but even to join them, such is the case of Demi Lovato.

The life of the former Disney girl has not been easy at all, as she became famous at a very young age when she starred in the movie “Camp Rock”, alongside the Jonas brothers; Demi was only 15 years old when she gave life to “Mitchie Torres.”

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As she grew older, the young woman had to deal with self-esteem problems and eating disorders that led her to fall into drugs, and even her life was in danger on one occasion due to an overdose.

On March 23, the star premiered her documentary called “Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil”, where she said she was a victim of rape when she was an actress in the company led by “Mickey Mouse.”

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Despite the fact that he has already left a rehabilitation clinic, he assures that he continues to consume substances and alcohol, but now under medical supervision.

However, the singer had the courage to speak in an interview for the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” about her sexual orientation and, although many already suspected it, she openly declared herself pansexual.

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Joe Jonas’s ex-girlfriend made a reference to the way in which she canceled her engagement to dancer Max Ehrich, as she confessed that at this point in her life she felt too “gay” to marry a man.

What is pansexuality?

Although it tends to be confused with bisexuality, the definition is much broader, since it is about sexual or romantic attraction towards other people regardless of their sex or gender identity.

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A person declared as pansexual does not distinguish between the orientations or tastes of the person they are attracted to, since they consider that the concept of gender does not influence when being romantically involved with someone.

Famous Pansexuals

Like Demi Lovato, several celebrities have had the courage to speak out about their sexuality, all this after experts began using this term; different celebrities have confessed that they feel identified with this orientation.

Miley Cyrus

As controversial as ever, the former “Hannah Montana” interpreter spoke about her pansexuality for the first time in 2015, through an interview with the UK’s “Elle” magazine.

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But it was not until 2019, when the actress also delved into the subject, after her divorce from Liam Hemsworth:

“People fall in love with people, not with gender, or appearance, or whatever. What I am passionate about exists on an almost spiritual level ”.

Miley Cyrus

Bella Thorne

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If Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Bella Thorne have something in common, it is that all three preach pansexuality and were great figures on the Disney Channel network.

The OnlyFans star shared his guidance with his followers via his Twitter account in 2016.

Cara delevingne

The British model is one of the stars who can boast of having had really beautiful partners, which is why at first it was believed that she was a lesbian, but, in 2020, she clarified her orientation herself.

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It was through an interview with the magazine “Variety”, where Cara defined herself as pansexual and described that her path to acceptance had involved discarding all kinds of labels.

“I don’t care if someone defines themselves as him, her or it. I fall in love with the person, that’s all. I’m attracted to the person! ”Delevigne said.

Alan Cumming

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Despite being married to a woman for eight years, the Scottish-born actor openly declared himself pansexual, shortly after Miley Cyrus did.

She is currently happy in a relationship with a man; it’s about artist Grant Schaffer.

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