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DEMENTIA DRAMA IN HESSEN – My best friend is now a murderer

It is early evening when Helmut Wagner (68) walks through his village Harmuthsachsen (Hesse) in the middle of this week. Together with his dogs Bruno (14), Daisy (15) and Luis (7). As every day. And yet nothing is as it was!

Because the man with whom Helmut has been walking twice a day for years is sitting behind bars: Wolfgang L. (70) killed his wife Maria (76) and his dog Kalle (5) in his apartment on Monday. He put the Jack Russell Terrier in her arms – then tried to kill himself. This is how he described it later in the police interrogation.

Helmut sits down on the bench on which he sat with Wolfgang every day. Then he told the BILD am Sonntag reporters: “Wolfgang loved his Maria. He used to be a bus driver in Berlin, moved to Hesse for Maria’s sake in 2014, and never said anything bad about her. They were married for almost 50 years and would have celebrated their golden wedding at the end of December. “

And: “Both lived withdrawn, had little contact with the villagers, and did not receive any visitors. They had their dog for a few years, he was their sunshine. “

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The couple dreamed of a trip to Italy. Helmut: “The two of them would have loved to travel again, to Lombardy or Venice.” But the reality was different.

Maria suffered from diabetes and dementia, had not been able to walk for years, and could not leave her apartment. Helmut explains how the tragedy came about: “Maria collapsed at home and had to go to the clinic for weeks. Wolfgang visited her every day. She came home on Thursday, was emaciated, spat out her pills and scratched Wolfgang. That’s how he told me. “

Further: “Wolfgang was desperate. The doctors wanted him to give Maria to a nursing home for a few weeks. But he refused. He was afraid that she would never get out of there again. “

Helmut and Wolfgang met for the last time on Sunday evening. “I didn’t see anything suspicious. We went with the dogs, talked about everyday things, said goodbye as always: ‘See you tomorrow!’ ”24 hours later, on Monday at 7.30 p.m., a nurse came to Wolfgang and Maria’s apartment building. She rang the doorbell several times – but no one answered. Kalle, the little terrier, didn’t react either. Otherwise he always barked immediately.

The nurse became suspicious and called the police. The officers climbed a fire ladder onto the balcony on the first floor, got into the apartment – and found Maria and Kalle dead in bed. Wolfgang lay there unconscious and received medical attention.

Helmut: “I think it was a spontaneous act. Wolfgang was simply overwhelmed because Maria was doing so badly. I don’t think he could cope with it. ”But Helmut also remembers a casual remark that Wolfgang made some time ago – which from today’s perspective sounds like an announcement:“ Wolfgang once said: ‘If something happens, I’ll take it Kalle too. ‘”

Wolfgang L. threatens life imprisonment.

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