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Delineated for droopy eyelids, the techniques you should know

There are many techniques that can help you highlight your natural features by adapting to the shape of your eyes, that is why below we share some tricks of makeup for droopy eyelids with which you can create an appearance of larger and awake eyes.

Makeup tips for droopy eyelids

If you have droopy eyelids, you have surely suffered when trying to recreate an eye makeup, due to the shape of your eyes, however there are some tricks that can help you make your eyes look more awake and that are proven by some of our favorite celebrities.

One of them is actress Jennifer Lawrence, who despite having droopy eyelids, always sports a sexy and striking look, thanks to the techniques of her expert makeup artist.

keep your eyes open

When you apply your eye makeup, keep your eyes open to see what the end result will look likeSince with drooping eyelids, the eyelid is usually covered when the eyes are open.

Lined for droopy eyelids

To outline droopy eyelids, use a piece of tape and work it from the corner of your lower eyelid to the end of your brow. Make a very thin line and smudge with a brush towards the top of the eye socket.

Eyelash makeup

Long eyelashes make the eye look more open, so try to use a water proff mascara to avoid staining your upper eyelid.

Shadow for eyes

Complement your eyeliner with shadows for a complete look. To apply your eyeshadow, apply the darker color not in the eye socket, but above to create an illusion of a more open eye.

Feathered eyebrows

Feathered eyebrows they have become the favorites of celebrities like Rihanna and Rosalíaas expert makeup artists claim that may be better than a face lift for a healthy and youthful appearance.

You just have to follow the natural shape of your bow and ensure that the hairs are always combed upwards and not downwards. To achieve the look of feathered brows, they must first be brushed diagonally and upward.

Once we have brushed our eyebrow in the desired shape, we fill in the spaces with the help of a pencil with light strokes from the bottom up, imitating the direction of natural growth.

Finally, fix your makeup with eyebrow gel, so you will maintain its appearance throughout the day. If you want to maximize its effect, apply waterproof mascara for a striking look.

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