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Debate over abortion: the Episcopate celebrated a mass with a message about the senators

Monsignor Ojea participates in the mass against the legalization of abortion

The executive commission of the Argentine Episcopal Conference (CEA) celebrates today a mass in the sanctuary of Luján to ask for “care and respect for life to be born in Argentina“, three days before the debate in the Senate of the bill to legalize abortion. The Bishop of San Isidro, Monsignor Oscar Ojea, led the mass and entrusted the Virgin to “stop her gaze on our legislators.”

To you we entrust the cause of life“was the motto of the Eucharistic celebration, which took place from 10 am in the basilica of Luján, patron saint of Argentina, and which was transmitted through social networks.

In his message celebrating Christmas, Ojea insisted with his message against the official project that seeks to decriminalize abortion, which has already been approved in Congress and on Tuesday it will be discussed in the upper house, and he said: “Holy Virgin, mother of the Argentine people, you who are capable of transforming an animal cave into the house of Jesus with a few diapers and a mountain of tenderness. We ask you to stop your gaze on our legislators who will have to decide on an issue of such extreme delicacy that you can provoke in them a reflection in their minds and hearts. Let them not deny their deepest convictions

In addition, he recalled what happened in Uruguay in 2008 when the then president vetoed the project to decriminalize abortion: “When the doctor Tabaré Vazquez, former president of Uruguay, vetoed the abortion law in his country He did not do it because of his beliefs that he had declared himself agnostic but in the conscience of a doctor who knows perfectly when the wonderful event of human life begins and he knows that he has taken an oath to defend her. “

The message of Monsignor Oscar Ojea, head of the Argentine Episcopal Commission


“This Saturday, December 26, representing all the bishops of Argentina, the Executive Commission of the Argentine Episcopal Conference will visit the Virgin of Luján bringing before our Mother the cause for the care and respect of life“, the CEA said in a statement.

In a series of pastoral activities planned before the imminent treatment of the bill, the Episcopate also convened for tomorrow, December 27 -liturgical feast of the Holy Family- that the Cathedrals and parishes across the country celebrate Masses with a “special intention for nascent life.”

Meanwhile, for him Monday 28, feast of the Holy Innocents martyrs, the bishops “summon the People of God to a Day of Fasting, Prayer and celebration of mass “, as reported in a statement.

All these actions of the Catholic Church are prior to the debate that will take place in the Senate on Tuesday 29 to discuss the bill to legalize abortion, sent by the Executive Power, which already has half approval from the Chamber of Deputies.

In its Christmas message, the CEA questioned the “feverish obsession to establish abortion in Argentina”, while there are “thousands of health and social issues to be resolved” and argued that the country needs “an arduous reconstruction: of job sources , of education, institutions and fraternal ties “.

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