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Deaths from covid-19 in Honduras total 5,193 and infections 207,320

Tegucigalpa, Apr 26 (EFE) .- The deaths from covid-19 in Honduras already total 5,193 and the infections 207,320 in more than a year of pandemic, the state-run National Risk Management System (Sinager) reported on Monday.

The health agency confirmed 52 new deaths, corresponding to several days, with which the number rose to 5,193, since March 2020, when the disease began to spread in the Central American country of 9.5 million inhabitants.

In a statement, the Sinager also noted that of 1,828 new laboratory tests processed, 413 were positive, with which there are already 207,320 people who have contracted covid-19.

There are 1,195 Hondurans who are hospitalized due to the same disease, of which 598 have a stable condition, 531 are serious and 66 are in intensive care units.

In addition, according to the Sinager, 135 new patients have recovered, with which there are already 77,814 those who have been saved from dying from covid-19.

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