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Death drama in Mallorca – Martina died while escaping from being raped

After ten years, the death of the Italian Martina Rossi († 20) has finally been cleared up!

In August 2011, the student went on vacation to Mallorca with her friends and checked into a hotel in Palma. There it came to tragedy: Martina threw herself from the balcony of her hotel room on the fifth floor. The authorities initially suspected a suicide.

But now the bitter truth has come to light: Martina was harassed in the hotel room by two now 30-year-olds. In her desperation, she jumped into the depths – and wanted to escape an impending rape. She fell to her death in underwear and with scratches on her neck.

This is the result of a trial before the Court of Cassation, the highest court in Rome. According to Italian media reports, the judges confirmed the judgment of a previous instance.

For the two perpetrators, the motocross rider Alessandro Albertoni and the craftsman Luca Vanneschi, there was only three years imprisonment!

Not only is the sentence low: it may even be that the two men who drove Martina Rossi to death do not have to spend a single day behind bars.

Because: One of the defense lawyers said that his clients have asked for placement in the social service. If they do, they will never see the inside of a prison for what they did.

Nevertheless, Martina Rossi’s parents are happy that their daughter’s death has been cleared up: “Justice has finally been done,” said father Bruno Rossi. Now the family is considering suing the men for damages.

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