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Dealt and not picked up – Customs is looking for the owner of this cocaine suitcase

Munich – Dealt and not picked up!

Munich customs are desperately looking for the owner of a suitcase – with 22 kilos of cocaine!

▶ ︎ The crazy case: On September 30th, the baggage tracing staff at Munich Airport took care of the blue-brown suitcase.

The suitcase probably comes from the Dominican Republic. When the employees opened the suitcase, they did not find a toothbrush or clothes – they found 22 white parcels.

Customs: “After an X-ray and a test for suspected drugs, it turned out that the ‘found goods’ must be cocaine.”

Crazy: Whoever checked in the suitcase was meticulous about the 23 kilo limit. But didn’t pick up the suitcase in Munich. For whatever reason …

BECAUSE: The coke is worth a fortune. According to customs, the drugs come from South America.

After the analyzes, it is clear: the active ingredient content is around 90 percent. The whole thing stretched out would be three to four times as much, according to customs investigation office spokesman Christian Schüttenkopf to BILD.

Means: “The drugs would be worth at least five million euros if they were sold to the end consumer,” said Schüttenkopf.

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