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Dead found in Hamm – Simon S. had a picture of dead Hannah on his cell phone

Hamm – Wednesday, 5:09 p.m. in Hamm (North Rhine-Westphalia): Police officers handcuff a young man in gray sweatpants, white T-shirt and black sports socks.

The investigators are certain: Simon S. (27) killed Hannah S. (25) when she went home from a party night, then left her half-naked body by a pond early on Sunday morning!

Who is the alleged killer?

Shortly after the body was found over the weekend, the 27-year-old was targeted by the investigators. A witness brought the police on his trail.

Simon S. Testimony: On the night of the crime, he had sex with two different women in two clubs. He did not know either of them – but one of the women stated that her name was Hanna (h).

Can that be believable?

Nevertheless, S. was initially released. But now the breakthrough in the investigation! According to BILD information, a neighbor brought the police on the trail of the suspect. Simon S. had a quarrel with her and is said to have stabbed the tires on her car with a knife on Sunday. When the witness heard about the homicide of Hannah S., she called the officers.

They discovered a knife during an apartment search. The killer had cleaned it up, but experts from the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) were still able to find traces of it. Dennis Kocker, the suspect’s lawyer at BILD live: “A knife is said to have been found with the blood adhering to the dead.”

Forensic doctors are also said to have found Simon S.’s DNA under the fingernails of the dead during the autopsy. Particularly bizarre: According to the DPA, the police were able to restore a picture of Hannah’s body on Simon S.’s cell phone.

Why does a perpetrator do this? Criminalist Christian Matzdorf: “The suspect probably took the knife with him to cover up traces. But the fact that he took a photo of the victim already goes in the direction of the trophy. He wants to look at the photo to relive the feelings of the act. “

Simon S. is to be brought before the judge today.

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