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Daughter kidnapped – lousy kidnapper, that’s what you made of me!

Deborah “Debbie” Sassen is eight years old when she suddenly disappears. The child from Düsseldorf has just returned from swimming lessons on February 13, 1996 and has to go back to school for a moment because he has forgotten something. Debbie is last seen at 12 noon. When she is not home for lunch, her parents report her missing. The police are following dozens of leads – in vain. Debbie is gone.

It was all 25 years ago, the tragic disappearance of the girl is now the coldest of all cold cases.

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“Attention, manhunt” spoke to Debbie’s mother

Debbie’s mother, Dagmar, broke when her child disappeared. She lost her job and her family, her other daughter took her own life, she moved from therapy to therapy, took pills. But Debbie is always there, always present. Mother Dagmar: “Debbie loved to paint and do handicrafts with me. She was a very sweet girl. I said goodbye to her in bed in the morning, patted her head, kissed her ”. One was the last kiss.

Dagmar Funke is still making unbelievable reproaches: “I shouldn’t have been allowed to go to work, I should have picked her up from school myself. Then that wouldn’t have happened. ”Dagmar Funke is the only person who keeps Debbie’s case in public, speaks about her daughter, and begs for clues. “Somebody saw or heard something. I ask for this so that I can be certain that I can bury my child! “

Despite the largest search operation in the history of the city, there is still no trace or approach of what might have happened to Debbie. The police have stopped the search and only become active if suspects are arrested in similar cases. Police officers no longer want to speak to the Debbie case in front of the camera. One might think that the perpetrator has won.

Dagmar Funke would like to support “Achtung Fahndung”. So that Debbie doesn’t get forgotten. So that the perpetrator doesn’t get away. Every Tuesday at 9.10 p.m., the editorial team looks for fugitive perpetrators with the active support of the audience. Each program focuses on three cases: two current cases and one so-called “cold case”.

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