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Danna’s body was found by the love and determination of her parents. The authority did nothing, they say

Danna Sugey Salgado Dávalos remained missing for eight months, her family never stopped looking for her, investigating, and that perseverance served so that the murderers finally told them where the body was buried.

By Gerardo Andrade

Tijuana, December 25 (Zeta) .- It was the strength of his mother, the perseverance of his father, the love of his family, the help of the community and the denunciation of assassins, which finally led to the discovery of the body of Danna Sugey Salgado Dávalos, the authorities they were only in charge of identifying her.

In various interviews with ZETA, Sugey Dávalos, Danna Sugey’s mother, said that her daughter, who was only 20 years old and the mother of a 3-year-old boy, worked selling items online, mainly clothes, and made deliveries close to where she lived.

At around 4:30 p.m. on March 30, 2020, he left his house, where he lived with his grandparents, located on Valle Alejandro street in the Homex neighborhood, Delegación Natura.

Danna Sugey was going to deliver a garment that she had sold, it would not take long because the house she was going to was one block from her home, but the minutes turned into hours, a situation that worried her family.

The mother stated that her daughter was intercepted by at least two men who were aboard a cherry-colored sedan-type vehicle, who ended up forcing her into the car and withdrew from the scene.

“As a mother the world falls apart, I began to ask about the colony to see if someone had seen it and nothing, then I went to report the disappearance, always with the illusion of being able to find it,” said the hurt mother.

The days passed and the Salgado Dávalos family grew increasingly desperate, so they decided to take to the streets to demonstrate. They placed the image of Danna Sugey in various parts of the city and spread the disappearance through social networks.

Family members of Danna Sugey took to the streets to demonstrate. Photo: Gerardo Andrade, Zeta.

Then they realized that there were more people going through the same ordeal and asked the help of the Todos Somos Erick Carrillo collective, which they joined and participated in several searches.

The disappearance of Danna Sugey was reported by various local and national media, so her image was valid for a long time.

On several occasions the heads of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) were questioned about progress in the investigation, but there was never a concrete answer. To date there is no information that leads to the murderers of the young mother.

On Saturday, October 17, an extensive search for disappeared persons throughout the State began in Mexicali, in which various groups and authorities from the three levels of Government participated. It was called the Second Search Brigade.

This brigade was organized by the collective Una Nación Busca T and supervised by Cintia del Rincón, coordinator of the Northwest Zone National Search Commission (CNB), which toured the Homex neighborhood on October 19. In the hills of that colony, buried bodies had already been found, so it was a point that we wanted to review.

The mother asked the authorities for help. Photo: Jorge Dueñes / ZETA.

The group focused on a vacant lot, where there is a dirt soccer field and in 2019 the body of a buried man was located; It was in that place that they found the documents in the name of Danna Sugey Salgado Dávalos.

“The documents of Danna Sugey were found, she is one of the girls they are looking for, I think she lives very close to here, we are going to pass it on to the authorities,” said Angélica Ramírez, representative of Una Nación Busca T.

A few minutes later, Danna Sugey’s uncles arrived at the scene, pointing out that the young woman’s parents were on another search, outside the city, and that she disappeared a few blocks from where her papers were found.

On Saturday, October 24, one of the searches with the highest participation of people, search groups, civil society, authorities, the media, went to the Homex neighborhood, with the sole intention of finding Danna Sugey.

Around 200 people traveled through hills, streams, streams, clandestine garbage dumps and trails, to find any clue that would serve to find the whereabouts of the missing young woman.

“I dream about her -Danna Sugey- often, and she tells me that she doesn’t have much time left, she tells me to concentrate, I know that she is here, that’s why I don’t want to leave any space untouched”, declared Danna Sugey’s mother October 24.

When they did not find any clues, the parents went to some houses that months before had been abandoned, since an anonymous information told them that they could find something there.

Desperate, the parents took a megaphone and began shouting his name, in addition to requesting the residents to allow them into their homes, who agreed, but at the end of the day there were no findings.

Danna Sugey’s family continued holding demonstrations, participating in marches, supporting searches. On Sunday, December 6, family and friends of Danna Sugey again walked the streets of the Homex neighborhood, but this time it was different. They went to some houses in the private Ahuehuete, where an anonymous source reported that he could be there.

“What would you do if you knew that your daughter was being taken, soon they would not look for her in heaven, sea and land, even with the devil himself they would go looking for her,” said Sugey Dávalos sobbing.

It was then that a couple came out of a house, who according to the neighbors, invaded the property. They allowed family members to enter, and after several minutes, nothing of Danna Sugey was found.

On that occasion the relatives requested the presence of the authorities before and after entering the houses, but they never arrived.

However, everything changed for the Salgado Dávalos family on Tuesday, December 8. They received a call from someone who had to do with the disappearance of the young woman and told them that they would leave a mark for them to find the body of the young woman, near where the documents were found.

“Last night -December 8- they called me, first I thought he was another anonymous, but because of the tone of his voice, the things he told me, I paid attention to him, he said ‘Ma’am, we are going to leave you a signal to may he already have his daughter, ‘”said Danna Sugey’s mother.

One of Danna’s uncles ran to the vacant lot and found a girl’s pink jacket with white floral prints on top of a rod.

It was until the morning of December 9 that the family requested the support of the Todos Somos Erick Carrillo collective to carry out the excavation and, in a matter of minutes, the body of the missing young woman was finally found.

“I know it is her, my beautiful girl, I don’t need tests to be done … I know it’s about my baby,” exclaimed the mother when she saw how they dug up the daughter’s body.

After the FGE, through DNA analysis, confirmed that the body belonged to Danna Sugey Salgado Dávalos, on Tuesday, December 15, she was veiled. The same people came who had been looking for her for months, but now to say goodbye to her.

“I only asked that -find her-, the rest does not matter, our work and yours -volunteers and friends- supporting us, is how we find my daughter, she is already there, we cannot find her alive, but she is no longer lost; He’s going to rest now, ”said Sugey Dávalos.

Sugey Dávalos and José Antonio Salgado, Danna Sugey’s parents, took the time to thank everyone for the support they gave them in searching for their daughter, as they assure that this empathy and support from the media were vital in locating her.

They added that they plan to continue participating in the searches for other missing persons, since only a united society can make a change.


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