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Danna Paola shows the accessories that we will not lose sight of in summer

Danna Paola is an actress and singer who has grown over the decades to become a recognized actress in the world of music and in more recent years, in the fashion.

His style is one that is not easy to pull off, but took time to define. Now it can be said that he travels between the sport chic with a touch of femininity, so it is not surprising that Mexican artist Danna Paola has become the perfect muse to wear the accessories must-have de la primavera.

Danna Paola wears the collection that shows the season’s favorite accessories

The singer and actress has been an ambassador for the Pandora brand, with which every so often presents collections singular, the most recent is Pandora Garden, inspired -clearly- in the most summer season of the year.

With it come the classics brand charms, as well as necklaces and rings that evoke spring nymphs, as well as another way to wear flower power.

This collection, in addition to connect with spring, seeks that ‘we reconnect with our inner child’, according to the directors and creatives of the brand. One that is painted gold, silver, pink and purple, creating unique combinations.

The casual elegance of these pieces allows them to shine for their discreet minimalism, and although the singer combines them with pink dresses, you You can wear them with jeans, a colored jumpsuit or outfits in pastel ranges in which these stand out. Some of the garments in trend for the season are: shirt dresses, jumpers, or short jumpsuits.

This collection means to carry a small reminder of those details for which every year we wish the season of springNot only is it a time when everything is reborn, but it also invites us to enjoy the rays of the sun and the miracles that can be seen in the daily life of nature. How many times has a simple flower not brightened our day?

Today more than ever, reconnecting with nature has become importantThat is why we resort to those details that remind us that spring is not only around us, but that we can wear it in our hands, hair or neck … it all depends on what your favorite accessory is from this brand from Denmark.

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