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Daniela Ramírez after Yuyuniz Navas said: "I don’t know what her talent is, but she doesn’t have empathy"

Through her Instagram stories, Daniela Ramírez referred to the sayings of Yuyuniz Navas in the program Here is Debate from CNN Chile, where she explained her decision to be a candidate to be part of the constituent process, which was born after the October 2019 demonstrations, which she described as a “criminal outbreak”.

A deep need of mine is born to defend my country, to defend this constitutional tradition that we have for many years, “he said.

In addition, she assured that if elected, she will defend “life from conception to death, social peace, our rule of law, equality before people to emerge in life, freedom of education and entrepreneurship ”.

Daniela Ramírez reviewed Yuyuniz Navas

After the participation of Yuyuniz Navas in the CNN Chile program, Daniela Ramírez referred to the candidate from district 9 through social networks.

“To this person I met her in Bikram (yoga), with an urgent need to belong on social networks and various entertainment. There was no spirit, ”he revealed.

He also reviewed their fight flags, stating: “It attracts my attention enormously. its acidic and cheap ability to provoke, and defend retrograde flags“.

Finally, he made a call not to vote for her in the election of Constituent Constituents. “Do not vote for her, I don’t know what his talent is, but he doesn’t have empathy. How to influence everything ”, he closed.

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