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Daniela Ospina’s elegant swimsuit that everyone wants to have

Daniela Ospina is one of the most recognized athletes in the country. Daniela Ospina’s elegant swimsuit that everyone wants to have

It is no secret to anyone that she became recognized for her relationship with James Rodríguez.

The footballer and the businesswoman had a relationship of several years and an admired marriage.

As a result of this, they had their daughter Salomé Rodríguez, who has also become very popular.

However, they divorced in 2017, after six years of marriage, although they say they still get along very well.

This has been demonstrated in their social networks, in which from time to time they talk about the other.

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Several months ago, the athlete and businesswoman ended her relationship with producer Harold Jiménez.

The couple had been in a relationship for about two years, and they ended up on good terms.

This was assured by them through their social networks, in which they sent their best wishes.

They stated that one of the reasons for the separation was the distance, for the two were going separate ways in their lives and their professional careers.

She living in Miami, and he in Medellín, the center of her work.

Currently, it seems that neither of them has a new partner and she has focused on her sportswear brand.

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The athlete shares various details of her life and her day-to-day life on her social networks.

There she has almost seven million people pending on her life, who do not hesitate to flatter her.

For this reason, in each of the photographs in which he presumes his figure, the breath of many is stolen.

This happened in one of the most recent, in which she showed off a black swimsuit.

The elegant piece has turned heads, as it marks her figure.

In addition, it has a V-shaped neckline and a detail that marks the waist.

Daniela Ospina’s elegant swimsuit that everyone wants to have

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This is not the only snapshot that has delighted the followers of the businesswoman.

With a pastel blue and orange bikini, Daniela showed off her figure and highlighted that she loves her sport.

“They do not know the joy it gives me, having the fortune to return to Volleyball at times, it has been a sport that has given me so much: learning, strength, travel, growth … and above all, Happiness!”, wrote.

In addition, he affirmed that whenever he has the opportunity to play, he does so with emotion.

And is that Showing off in her sport helps her remember one of the best times in her life and reminds her of her passion and love for volleyball.

The comments have not been long in coming and many are happy to see her like this.

Likewise, almost 800 people have flattered her figure, as the athlete is going through one of her best moments.

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Let’s remember that …

At the end of 2020 Salomé and Daniela traveled to enjoy their vacations in Europe.

There they spent a few days with David Ospina, the athlete’s brother and his family.

Later, they shared a few weeks with James Rodríguez, his family and his partner, the model Shannon de Lima.

This was evident in an interview in which the athlete declared that they got along very well.

While Shannon and Daniela crossed some messages on their social networks.

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