Daniela Ospina is one of the most recognized public figures in the country. Daniela Ospina returned to practicing sport from her past and loved it

It is no secret to anyone that part of his popularity began after his relationship with James Rodríguez.

Although the couple divorced several years ago, they still get along, and they show off their daughter Salomé.

On the other hand, the athlete is constantly flattered by her figure and her beauty.

Before her career as a businesswoman and influencer, she also played volleyball professionally.

In fact, he was part of important international teams and represented Colombia and Antioquia in the Colombian Volleyball Team.

However, on their social networks She talks little about it and for quite some time, her fans did not see her play.

Now, he published a photo on his social networks with which he has enchanted and excited his fans.

Daniela Ospina returned to practicing sport from her past and loved it

With a pastel blue and orange bikini, she showed off her figure and highlighted that she loves her sport.

“They don’t know the joy it gives me, having the fortune to return to Volleyball at times, it has been a sport that has given me so much: learning, strength, travel, growth … and above all, Happiness!”, wrote.

In addition, he affirmed that whenever he has the opportunity to play, he does so with emotion.

And is that Showing off in her sport helps her remember one of the best times in her life and reminds her of her passion and love for volleyball.

The comments have not been long in coming and many are happy to see her like this.

Likewise, almost 800 people have flattered her figure, as the athlete is going through one of her best moments.

Let’s remember that …

A few months ago, the businesswoman ended her relationship with Harold Jiménez.

Apparently the music producer and the athlete ended up on good terms.

However, they are no longer being followed on social media and they deleted all of their content together.

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