In his time in Barcelona, Lionel Messi He has built many pairs of which he has taken advantage of a lot: some in attack, others in midfield and a couple of the sides of the fields.

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Of the last mentioned, the duo he made with Dani Alves: The Brazilian full-back understood him like few others when they were teammates at the Barça club and thus managed to win 23 titles. Both were part of the golden age where they were under the command of Pep Guardiola.

In recent days, the current São Paulo player uploaded a photo to his Instagram account of those golden years, although it was not an image on the field of play. “Dani Alves leaves football to be a stylist for Lionel Messi! ‘Always taking care of who gave me the bugs’ “, wrote.

For scandal, the best thing is the photo: Dani Alves fixing the tie of a young Messi with long hair almost to his shoulders. Both dressed up for what would surely be an awards ceremony or a commercial event in Barcelona. The then young Diez raises his neck and the Brazilian does his job.

Logically, the photo went viral on social networks, it had more than one million one hundred thousand “likes” on Instagram, but the best response was that of Neymar, who represented us all: the former teammate of both exploded with laughter when he saw the memory of the two players.

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