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Dan Petrescu – billionaire flies family to death

Milan (Italy) – They came from a baptism and wanted to go to their luxury villa in Sardinia.

But shortly after take-off, the single-engine Pilatus PC-12 plane crashed over Milan (Italy), and all eight occupants died.

Dan Petrescu (68), one of the richest men in Romania, sat at the control stick of the plane. What caused the fatal crash? Still unclear. The authorities are evaluating the flight recorder. It is determined in all directions.

▶ ︎The real estate billionaire used to organize major tennis tournaments in Germany – together with compatriot Ion Tiriac (82), the former manager of Boris Becker (53). Petrescu is said to have had a German passport in addition to the Romanian one.

Tragic: Petrescu’s wife Righina (65) and son Dan Stefan (30, researcher in Canada) also sat in the machine – as did their friends Claire Alexandrescu (33) and Filippo Nascimbene (33).

They were also a dream couple, young and successful: Claire worked as head of advertising at the French spirits company Pernod Ricard (including Ramazzotti, Havana Club), Filippo as a manager at a management consultancy in Milan. Son Rafael (18 months) was all their luck. But after his baptism it came to a catastrophe!

At 13:04 on Sunday, the plane took off from Linate Airport in Milan. The goal: Olbia in Sardinia.

Only a few moments later, the plane lost altitude, then crashed into an empty office building. Little Rafael’s grandmother (65) and a friend (36) of Petrescus also died in the rubble.

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