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Dakota Johnson proving that classics (for hair) never fail

In the midst of what appears to be a bob haircut addiction, Dakota Johnson and his last beauty look they are a breeze of fresh air. The actress is part of the muses of Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, and as is often the case with this select group, the style with which she presented herself at the digital launch of the latest collection called ‘Aria’, is nothing more and nothing less than that of a vintage nymph with a long, long and brown hair.

Dakota Johnson is an actress, one of the few that have not succumbed to the fever of bobs and lobs. Since he rose to fame for his role in ‘Fifty Shades’ We remember her for her clear and abundant hair ‘crowned’ with a fringe that clearly pays tribute to other muses such as Jane Birkin or Brigite Bardot.

During the virtual event, Johnson stylized his hair with soft waves, wearing it with a party with a parting in the middle and her traditional bangs. In addition to the classic XL extension factor, it’s also worth noting that the actress continues to align herself with what she knows looks great on her: That pure and intense brown tone, like deep chocolate, which he inherited from his character Anastasia Steele.

Although on other occasions we have seen her blonde and even with a sophisticated jet black tone, Dakota Johnson know that the chocolate chestnut it’s a trending hair dye and chronically. It’s hard to fail when wearing such a harmonious color for all skin types and for all ages.

As for the rest of his styling, Suspiria’s actress wore an outfit belonging to the Gucci Ouverture collection, a jumpsuit with transparencies that revealed hot pants in pastel color, all to match with a tailored jacket crop in sequins.

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