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Cuty Ycaza with more than twenty years in the world of makeup is one of our juries of the ‘Power Look Challenge’ contest organized by Nueva Mujer

Cuty shares tips so that your makeup stands out and you can create a ‘Power Look’.

What are the trends in 2021?

Make-up with textures and finishes on the skin predominates a lot. Luminous skin, but with a medium coverage. Shades or lipsticks in bright colors with satin and metallic textures. The most natural eyebrows are kept.

Is only the look the protagonist when we put on makeup?

In makeup, you decide which area you want to be the protagonist. Sometimes it can be the lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliner, or skin.

Does nude makeup never go out of style or when do you have to wear it?

It’s a classic, it’s like wearing black clothes, it never goes out of style. As it is a traditional and neutral makeup, it can be used both day and night. In the day with matte tones, dark brown and matte lips. For the night satin tones, mixed with black and false eyelashes.

What are the trend colors for this year?

They are the range of blues, greens, oranges, pinks, purples, and yellows.

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What colors should our day-to-day shadow palette have?

Earth tones. A downgrade from beige, latte, terra cotta, and brown.

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How should we put on makeup in summer?

Summer has always been characterized by makeup in bronze tones. But this year promises something different, bright and bolder colors full of color.

How do our lips highlight us?

To highlight the lips you can do it with a bright and striking color such as red or fuchsia. In the case of making them stand out with a nude tone, you have to use glitter to make them stand out.

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How do we choose the color of the blush?

The blush color goes according to the skin color as it will highlight. If you have white skin the tone is pink or coral, medium skin the bronze tones, brunette skin tones orange and ebony skin tones fuchsia or mauve.

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