Cuba tightens restrictions to stop coronavirus infections

(CNN Español) — The Government of Cuba will toughen measures against the spread of covid-19, according to the newspaper Granma. The restrictions were analyzed during a meeting held on Tuesday by President Miguel Díaz-Canel with officials and scientists.

Among the actions taken by the government are:

  • Guarantee compliance with the closure of borders between territories in which a quarantine measure has been established due to the epidemiological situation.
  • Maintain patrol to ensure order and compliance with isolation.
  • Establish signage for homes and institutions where isolated people are found.
  • Strictly apply the sanctions and fines to parents and / or guardians that allow the presence of children on the streets, the lack of masks and non-compliance with social distancing measures.
  • Adapt state transport only to prioritized economic and social activity.
  • Increase the control of internal transport to circulate, allowing the minimum necessary movement (only authorized personnel).

According to official information, the daily average of cases in Cuba exceeds 1,000, the majority in Havana. Díaz Canel described the beginning of April on his Twitter account as “alarming”.

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Health authorities said that in Cuba they have identified 5 variants of covid-19 and 6 mutational patterns of the virus. They cited that among the circulating strains are those detected in South Africa, California, the United Kingdom and Wuhan; and they added that internationally these strains are recognized for being highly contagious and associated with increased mortality.

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