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Cruz Azul, with better defense and worse attack than Necaxa and León, who have the record of victories in a row

The Machine seeks to match what the Rayos and the Fiera achieved: twelve consecutive wins. We present you the comparison between the three squads

Cruz Azul will seek its twelfth consecutive victory against Chivas, a figure with which it would equal the record of Necaxa and León, who reached 12 victories in a row in the same tournament, the highest mark in the First Division of Mexican soccer.

For now, The Machine, with 20 goals in favor and five against, boasts a better defense that the Rayos champions of the 1934/1935 season and that the Esmeraldas runners-up of the Clausura 2019, however, it is far from the offenses of both historical squads.

Necaxa – 1934/1935

Coach: Alfredo C. Crowle.

Main figures: Julio Lores, Luis Pérez, Hilario López.

Goals for – 55

Goals against – 19

Difference – 36

That generation of the Rays was known as the ‘Eleven brothers‘because of the understanding that was within the field of play. In that season, still at an amateur level, they largely dominated the Federal District’s Major League, even the good moment of Necaxa “turned” him, at the request of the managers, into the Mexican team to attend the Central American Sports Games, a contest that they won. after beating Costa Rica in the final.

The team, which at that time played in the capital of Mexico, added nine victories before going to the international competition as representation of Tri. When they returned they got three more, until losing the streak with a 0-3 loss against Spain. Those Rayos, were proclaimed champions in the long tournament after adding 27 units, product of 13 wins, a draw and a loss, while his closest follow was America with 16 points.

This is how Necaxa’s streak was created:

Necaxa 5-3 America

Mexico FC 2-5 Necaxa

Spain 2-5 Necaxa

Necaxa 2-0 Atlante

Necaxa 6-1 Asturias

America 1-3 Necaxa

Necaxa 6-0 Mexico FC

Atlante 2-6 Necaxa

Necaxa 9-3 Spain

Necaxa 3-1 Asturias

Necaxa 5-3 America

Necaxa 5-1 Mexico FC

* Necaxa 0-3 Spain

Leon – Closing 2019

Coach: Ignacio Ambriz.

Main figures: Ángel Mena, Luis Montes, José Juan Macías.

Goals for – 34

Goals against – 6

Difference – 28

The emeralds were the best squad of that semester. León was the leader of the competition from the tenth day and did not release that position until the end of the regular phase of the contest. That streak began on the fourth match with a 0-4 over Querétaro and ended on the sixteenth matchday with a 2-1 defeat against Chivas. He finished in first place with 41 points, after 13 wins, two draws and two falls.

In the Liguilla, those from Guanajuato beat Tijuana in the quarterfinals, later they drew 1-1 with América, but the position in the table gave them a pass to the final, where they were surpassed by Tigres by a score of 1-0.

This is how León’s streak was created:

Querétaro 0-4 Leon

Leon 2-0 Cruz Azul

America 0-3 Leon

Leon 3-0 Toluca

Cougars 1-3 Leon

Leon 3-0 Santos

Lobos BUAP 0-1 Leon

Leon 2-0 Veracruz

Morelia 2-3 Leon

Leon 2-1 Necaxa

Puebla 0-3 Leon

Leon 5-2 Atlas

* Chivas 2-1 Leon

This is how Cruz Azul’s streak was created, day by day

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