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Cruz Azul, in talks to renew Jesús Corona and Orbelín Pineda; there will be facilities to go to Europe

The Cruz Azul board of directors prioritizes the renewal of both players, but they open the door for Orbelín Pineda to go to football on the Old Continent

Cruz Azul began talks with Jesús Corona and Orbelín Pineda to renew the contracts who are about to win this year, but in the case of the young footballer the team is willing to give him the facilities to fulfill his dream of playing in Europe.

The president of Cruz Azul surveillance, Víctor Velázquez, mentioned that the team wants Orbelín to be able to transcend or otherwise remain within the institution.

We do not put any objection, if they wish that they better go to foreign football, but we also see that his wish is to stay at the club, we are delighted and we will continue working with Orbelín, “he said.

Vázquez insisted that the team will not put any impediment so that the Mexican midfielder can go out to the Old Continent.

“Yes we have touched on the subject, we are still in talks with both players. In the case of Orbelín (Pineda), if you want to go to foreign football, we always look for the possibility and option for the player to fulfill his wishes to go abroad we do not put any objection “, he declared in an interview with On the radio.

In the case of Corona, who has been in the sky blue jacket for a decade and will end his contract next summer, he was optimistic when exposing. “In the same way they are talking with ‘Chuy’ (Jesús Corona) they are talking and we are on good terms.”

Orbelín has a contract with La Maquina until December of this year, but the FIFA regulations allow footballers to negotiate with any team when there are six months until the expiration of their bond.

In the event that Pineda does not reach an agreement with La Maquina, he will be able to go to any other team for free in January 2022.

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