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Cruz Azul commits his ticket to the semifinals after falling to Toluca

Toluca beat Cruz Azul 2-1 in the first game of the quarterfinals of Guard1anes 2021. With two penalties, the scarlets prevailed at the Nemesio Diez Stadium with everything and the fans. Additionally, the Red Devils snapped a 19-game streak without losing from the Machine. Now, with the Mexican advantage, everything will be decided on Saturday at the Azteca Stadium.

The Devils suffered with blood the duel before the Machine. Although they pressed high from the first minutes, it was very early when they lost Diego Rigonato to a nose injury, which caused a hemorrhage that left him with no opportunities to continue in the game. His place was taken by Haret Ortega and the youth fulfilled the highest note.

The Devils set hell on fire on a rainy afternoon in the capital of Mexico. Cruz Azul was no less, although it was difficult for him to start. The pupils of Juan Reynoso little by little counteracted the desire of the locals and had the clearest through Luis Romo, but Haret came to prevent his shot in front of the goal.

The game went back and forth. The visit had more possession, but it did not materialize in a good way before the goal of Luis García. Toluca looked, at all times, for Rubens Sambueza to do his magic, as well as Alexis Canelo’s hand in hand with the sky-blue rear.

In the blink of an eye, Canelo broke off his mark in the area and fell to a push from Juan Escobar. The referee sanctioned a penalty and the same striker sent it to the back of the net to open the scoring before the excitement of his fans.

The taste did not last long, as a goal from Guillermo ‘Pol’ Fernández equaled everything. The Machine turned to the front and found its reward after a right hand from the Argentine who defeated Luis García. The stamp remained for the memory before the hit of the South American midfielder.

With equality, the two teams went to rest. For the complement, Toluca came out intense, to bite and burn the celestial ones. The pressure took effect and the goal that put them up on the scoreboard came caused by a penalty on Rubens Sambueza. The Diablos traded the collector and it was Michael Estrada who beat Jesús Corona to the advantage.

Toluca suffered, but endured until the end. Cruz Azul asserted his first place overall to lock up the Diablos and they had several draw opportunities. Juan Reynoso modified and the clearest was from Bryan Angulo, who could not finish off a Roberto Alvarado center only in the small area.

The Machine asphyxiated Toluca, which prevailed with experience and with the love of its people, which it did not stop encouraging after a year of being away. In the end, time was up and the Devils prevailed in the first game and, incidentally, took away a 19-game mark without losing. Now it’s the turn of the game on Saturday at the Azteca Stadium, where the semifinalist team will be defined.

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