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“Cruz Azul and América are great candidates, but surprises may be the order of the day in the league,” says Hernán Pereyra

This Wednesday will begin to play the league of the MX League that will determine the new champion of the Guard1anes 2021. A total of eight teams will be looking to be crowned and that is why in the second edition of this week of their podcast ‘It’s so and that’s it’, your driver Hernan Pereyra analyzes what can happen in the first two games to be played this Wednesday.

Cruz Azul against Toluca and Puebla against Atlas will open the first leg of the quarterfinals while América versus Pachuca and Monterrey against Santos will complete the first day this Thursday. “There are teams like Cruz Azul and América that are candidates to win the title, others that complete the table of 8 teams and that are not, in the previous, taken into account to go far as Puebla, Atlas and even Toluca, just as there are teams that can sneak into the list of candidates, “began his analysis.

The game that stands out on Wednesday is undoubtedly Cruz Azul against Toluca. ‘It is a very morbid confrontation because there is La Maquina, a team that has been forceful in the regular phase, which has accumulated victories like no other and, above all things, displaying good football on the playing field, although several triumphs have been achieved by minimal differences, “said the driver of ‘It’s so and that’s it’.

“Although in the offensive aspect he has nothing left over, the Juan Reynoso It is a team that has known how to take care of the differences in favor, “the ESPN analyst mentioned to clarify that” now comes a fundamental moment for Cruz Azul in which there will be an aspect that will be more important than the physical, the strategic or the technical : mental toughness. Cruz Azul will have to leave the ghosts of the past behind and prove to themselves that they are the best team as they scored in the regular season. “


This is how the quarterfinals of Guard1anes Clausura 2021 will be played

Relive dates and times of the Liguilla start duels.

After highlighting that it will be key to his success to start with a firm footing from the first game, Pereyra stressed that “it is not that you have to ask him to win the first leg against Toluca by a landslide, but if you manage the match times, get a positive result be it a draw or a win and realize that he can maintain the level of the regular stage. That will lead him to gain confidence because a defeat would bring with it the appearance of those ghosts from the past that weigh a lot “.

In another section of the podcast, Pereyra referred to Toluca as “a team with a trade that will wait for the rival and that can complicate anyone, because it has a spectacular pitcher like Rubens Sambueza and a notable setter like Canelo. In any case, it is clear to me that Cruz Azul is the favorite to pass this first customs, because it is together with América, one of the two favorites to win the Guard1anes 2021 title, “he considered.

In any case, Pereyra remarked that Reynoso’s team “is doing very well in terms of football performance, but it is necessary to strengthen the mental aspect, because the only thing that serves him is to be champion.”

By way of closing the segment dedicated to the start of the league, Pereyra referred to the match that the Atlas will play hosting Puebla, stating that “both have a great chance of being semifinalists when no one imagined at the beginning of the tournament that Puebla would be among the four better than the regular phase, nor that Atlas would have a certain chance of finishing the tournament playing a semifinal. It will be a beautiful and interesting series, although I think that Puebla is a more balanced team and may be the one who ends up advancing “said Pereyra.

“We are at the door of the start of a league that is going to be emotional and of which many of us think that Cruz Azul and América are the ones who have the best chances of reaching the grand final, but we must recognize that the predictions are not always given. History says that the league is made for those teams that best reach this moment. To prepare because although Cruz Azul and América are candidates, surprises may be the order of the day, “he concluded.

Note: the edition of ‘It’s So and Period ‘, also includes the opinion of Pereyra about coaches from different leagues who may change teams or lose their jobs, the possibility that the final of The Champions change of scenario because of the pandemic and the controversy unleashed between Javier Chicharito Hernández, the Nanny Martino and the Tri.

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