Cruelty to animals: Almost 900 cows have been penned on the ship for two months

How can this happen?

Around 900 cows that have been cooped up on a freighter on the Mediterranean for a good two months are causing animal rights activists great concern. The ship “Karim Allah” returned to the port of departure in Cartagena, eastern Spain, after a long odyssey with the cows, because the allegedly sick animals were not taken anywhere, reported the newspaper “El País” and the Brussels-based company on Friday also the organization Eurogroup for Animals founded by the German Animal Welfare Association.

The animal rights activists called on the responsible authorities in Spain on Friday to order the animals to be unloaded as soon as possible. “You have suffered enough and deserve to leave the ship,” it said. According to reports, hundreds more cows are currently in a similar situation on a ship off Cyprus. The attempt to sell the cows in other Mediterranean countries such as Libya also failed, it said.

Animal transports are repeatedly criticized. Eurogroup for Animals called on the European Commission again on Friday to “initiate a thorough investigation into these animal transports”.

▶︎ The dairy cows from Spain were to be exported to Turkey. Your freighter left Cartagena on December 18th. When they arrived at their destination, however, the cattle were rejected by the Turkish authorities because some of them had allegedly been diagnosed with bluetongue, reported “El País”. It is an insect-borne, non-contagious disease that affects sheep in particular, but also cattle and goats.

The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture in Madrid announced that all cows would be exported with the appropriate health certificate and also free from bluetongue.

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