Crosses between the Buenos Aires legislators for the “foul” of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

The rejection of the head of the Buenos Aires government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta The call for dialogue carried out by the National Executive Power generated political crossroads between the Frente de Todos y Juntos por el Cambio in the City of Buenos Aires. He block of the FDT of the Buenos Aires Legislature expressed his “deepest concern” in the face of what they considered an “inexplicable” refusal by Larreta, while from the official space they questioned that our head of government be asked “to attend a meeting to validate the looting to which our district”.

Law 27,606, enacted on December 28, gave removes 1.18% of the money it receives from the national state from the Buenos Aires administration, that will go from 3.5% of co-participation, to 2.32%. The measure, promoted by pro-government deputies, establishes that the Buenos Aires administration will receive $ 24,500 million annually, in 12 monthly installments, for the transfer of the Federal Police to the City of Buenos Aires.

The head of the Buenos Aires government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta rejected the invitation to meet with representatives of the national government to analyze the transfer of the security service and its financing and will await the resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice on its “unconstitutionality.”

For the Buenos Aires legislators of the Frente de Todos, Rodríguez Larreta “insists on transforming a strictly institutional issue – definitively order the framework of the transfer of the Federal Police carried out in 2016 in a defective manner by Mauricio Macri- in a political conflict“, expressed the bloc and supported its arguments with the powers of Congress provided in the National Constitution.

Fernández: Larreta “generates unnecessary conflict” and “should be generous”

“In this way, it prevents us from Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires to reach a permanent agreement with the force of law, which defines the budgetary items corresponding to said transfer, in accordance with the provisions of article 75 subsection 2 paragraph 5 of the National Constitution“, they indicated.

The Interior Minister Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro joined the questions made through social networks for not attending the call of the national government. “Law 27,606 corrected the illegality with which (Mauricio) Macri transferred the Police by decree, improving the institutional quality of Buenos Aires autonomy. It also set a scope for dialogue to transparently establish the resources corresponding to this transfer, “said De Pedro, defending the Executive’s position.

Meanwhile, De Pedro and the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán sent a note to the Buenos Aires government in which they told the Buenos Aires head of government the reasons for the call. “We understand that there is no higher standard of legality and institutionality than to call a formal meeting within the framework of a law that has not only been debated and sanctioned as required by the National Constitution, rather, it adjusts the transfer process to the requirements established by the latter, “they said.

Together for Change’s response

After the block of Buenos Aires city legislators came out to question Horacio Rodríguez Larreta for not attending the meeting called by the Nation to establish the figure that will be assigned to CABA for the maintenance of the police, national deputies of the district they retorted harshly.

Through a statement, shared by opposition leaders such as Patricia bullrich and Fernando Iglesias, in which they say they do not understand how it is that these legislators demand that the head of government attend.

“It is not understood how the legislators of the Front of All of the City of Buenos Aires ask our head of government to attend a meeting to validate the looting to which our district was subjected in a totally arbitrary manner by the national government, “they said.

The CABA deputies reiterated that “the withdrawal of resources by the central government from the City of Buenos Aires is an unconstitutional action that violates the federal character of our Constitution and intends to subdue a district that was not electorally related to it.”

Finally, they supported Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in his decision to “defend, above all, the resources of all Buenos Aires citizens against the subjugation perpetrated by the National Government”, and concluded: “To the legislators of the Frente de Todos they should be ashamed to look their city residents in the face and support resource pruning for the security of the porteños and of all those who work, study and transit the City of Buenos Aires “.


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