Criticism of the ruling that granted two honorary pensions and without paying earnings to Cristina grows

The controversial ruling of Judge Ezequiel Pérez Nami that granted two honorary pensions, without paying earnings, to Cristina Kirchner continues to garner criticism. On the one hand, the deputy of Together for Change, Graciela Ocaña said that it is “embarrassing Everywhere you look at it, while adjusting to retirees who earn 19 thousand pesos, the Vice President will collect two salaries for which she never contributed or will pay Profits ”.

On the other hand, the NGO “It will be Justice” led by Raúl Aguirre Saravia and María Eugenia Talerico the ruling of Pérez Nami violates the law 24.018 and if ANSES officials do not appeal, they would be committing various crimes.

In statements to Radio Miter, the national legislator expressed that “this attitude shows the greed and unpreparedness of Cristina towards the population that suffered the most from the pandemic, such as 8 million older adults, which caused an enormous setback in their general health ”. Cristina will earn more than 800,000 pesos per month without ever having contributed and most retirees earn 19,000 pesos on average.

In that sense, Ocaña pointed out that “the adjustment was not made against the rich, politics or the bankers as Alberto Fernández announced during his campaign, but it was made against those who made a great effort to build Argentina and this government has no right to punish them in this way.

The head of Public Trust also warned that “this year retirees will continue to lose since the Government established that inflation will be 32 percent, while private consultants indicate that it would be between 45 and 50 percent” and added that ” retirees are almost 8 million people, the most unprotected sector of our country along with children ”.

For its part, “Sera Justicia” said in a statement that “the Judge set aside, with rigged arguments, the suspension of the collection of” double benefits “arranged at the end of 2016 by law 24,018, on retirements and pensions of those who exercised certain public positions ”.

Said norm establishes, “in its article 5, that the collection of the former president’s assignment is” incompatible with the enjoyment of any national, provincial or municipal retirement, pension, retirement or ex gratia benefit, without prejudice to the right of the interested parties to choose ” assuming you already have one of those income, “he added.

The NGO statement highlighted that “the judge argued that” the Executive Power cannot revoke an act that is firm and consented, and would have generated subjective rights that are being complied with, or would have been notified “and therefore” it is appropriate to annul the resolution of the Ministry of Social Development that had suspended the payment of pensions (RESOL-2016-1768-E-APN-MDS) and any act issued as a consequence ””.

The ruling must be appealed by the Anses, in charge of Fernanda Raverta. “The memoirs will recall that during CFK’s tenure as president, from Anses the collection of retiree lawsuits was scandalously delayed, the process taking 15 years and even not paying, from said body, debts determined by final and enforceable judgments” , concluded “It will be Justice”.

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