Criticism does not endanger Johnson’s position

When many are dissatisfied, that does not necessarily speak against a compromise. In this respect, Boris Johnson does not have to worry much for now, because both sides of the political Brexit spectrum are criticizing the treaty with the EU.

The Scots, who never wanted to leave the EU, see themselves further away from “Europe” than ever, the Welsh who wanted to leave see some of their blooming dreams wither. And on the one hand, there is relief in Northern Ireland that a hard border with the Republic of Ireland has been avoided. But we also know that in business transactions in the Kingdom itself, many things will be more complicated than before.

What is Labor doing?

The situation is difficult for the opposition in Westminster. The Liberal Democrats will presumably show “stand” because they have always been against leaving the EU. But what is Labor doing? Party leader Keir Starmer has announced that he wants to approve the agreement out of state political responsibility.

This attitude makes him different from his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn. But at the same time Labor is also falling into a kind of Babylonian captivity. When the downside of Johnson’s deal shows up, as is to be expected, and when Labor takes it on board, the Prime Minister can sit back and say that Her Majesty’s loyal opposition has agreed after all. An ungrateful situation.

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