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Cristina Kirchner and her particular tips to take care of the covid on vacation

Cristina Fernndez de Kirchner He asked society to take extreme care measures for the coronavirus during the summer holidays, by sharing on its social networks a spot from the Buenos Aires Government that appeals to social responsibility in the face of the pandemic.

“Whichever tourist destination you choose to enjoy this vacation, please take good care of yourself. For you and for the rest, “said Fernández de Kirchner from his Twitter account, where he published the provincial government spot entitled” ABCD: The theme of the summer is taking care of yourself. “

Given the rise in cases of covid-19 and the official concern to avoid a second wave, the spot of the administration of Axel Kicillof “It reinforces self-care actions to remember the essential protection measures during the holidays.”

Thus, the message consists of “four steps” to care: “Water and alcohol to wash hands; chinstrap everywhere; air circulation in rooms and social distance of 2 meters”.

The chorus of the jingle reads “ABCD, you know, keep your distance, wear the chinstrap, don’t share the mate and use alcohol gel.”

The spot covers in images some of the most important tourist spots in the province of Buenos Aires such as Mar del Plata, Necochea, Caril, San Clemente and Mar de la Pampas, among other destinations.


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