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Cristiano Ronaldo is the target of criticism in Italy

Apathetic, missing, ghost and the worst of Juventus in the last two games are some of the qualifiers for CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo is the target of criticism from the Italian press. Apathetic and disappeared, they appear among the qualifiers they use for Portuguese, which they also call ghost and the worst of Juventus in the last two games. The Portuguese has three unmarked duels and Vecchia Signora is at risk of being left out of the Champions League zone for the following season.

The Gazzetta dello Sport He titled: “Cristiano, what’s up?”, in a text in which Andrea Pirlo is questioned for leaving the Portuguese player for 90 minutes on the pitch despite his performance.

“He seems increasingly nervous and listless. However, it is never replaced. In the last matches he missed easy goals, he did not make a great contribution, in the last two Sundays the worst was decreed in the Juve field ”.

The Corriere dello Sport Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance against Fiorentina qualified with 4.5. “Juve alarm: Cristiano Ronaldo has disappeared”, reads the head of the note of the ‘7’ of Juventus.

Another opaque performance (to say the least) by Cristiano Ronaldo. Goalless third game and, being CR7, it’s news. This time, however, it doesn’t even come close. It only shows when his mistake makes Fiorentina close to scoring ”.

Criticism of Corriere della Sera it has been taken up by the media in Spain, as Italians compare it to a ghost: “The team is disconnected, without a game, without a soul, with Cristiano looking like a ghost on the field, wandering, almost disinterested in the game.”

Ronaldo is the scoring leader in Seria A with 25 goals. However, he adds three commitments to be able to score, in which Juventus adds two wins, in addition to the draw against Fiorentina.

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