Crisis forecast 2021: the ten most dangerous conflicts in the world

In addition to the corona crisis, several dangerous conflicts are likely to preoccupy the world in 2021. The International Crisis Group (ICG) names ten trouble spots that need to be monitored. The ICG specializes in solving international conflicts and building peace.

In the first place of the trouble spots is Afghanistan, which is trying to make peace with the once ruling Islamist-militant Taliban. In second place, the organization names the recently erupted conflict in the Tigray region in Ethiopia, where peace can only be achieved with a dialogue to overcome ethnic tensions.

Jihadists in the Sahel

In the Sahel (3rd place) south of the Sahara, jihadists used ethnic tensions to spread. Venezuela (4th place) urgently needs a well-organized change of power in view of the economic collapse. The desired peace in Libya (5th place) is made more difficult because foreign forces fueled the civil war. In Somalia (rank 6), regional tensions rose after years of fighting the Islamist Shabab militia, and planned elections could fuel conflicts.

In Yemen (rank 7), a new attempt at peace talks between the government of President Hadi and the Houthi rebels, who overran the country in 2014, is necessary.

In eighth place, the ICG names the conflict between the USA and Iran. The pressure of sanctions from the USA failed, Iran was hoarding nuclear material and had improved its missile program. The organization calls on the next US President, Joe Biden, to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the five UN veto powers and Germany.

Russia and Turkey (rank 9) are on opposing sides in many conflicts, for example in Libya and Syria, or are fighting against each other for influence, for example in the Caucasus. So far, they have still come to an understanding, but a major argument could exacerbate many conflicts.

In tenth place, the Crisis Group names climate change, which exacerbates conflicts. Rich countries would have to raise the promised $ 100 billion to help particularly affected countries.

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