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Criminal court starts investigations into war crimes in Palestine

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has launched an investigation into war crimes in the Palestinian territories. Fatou Bensouda did not give details of the investigation such as possible suspects. That will be decided at a later date. All investigations would be carried out “independently, impartially and objectively.”

In the past, Bensouda had stated that there was sufficient evidence of crimes committed by the Israeli army, Hamas and armed Palestinian groups during the Gaza war in the summer of 2014. According to her, the investigations that have now been initiated relate to events since June 13, 2014.

Israel vehemently rejects the investigation of the World Criminal Court and does not recognize the authority. Palestine has been a state party to the International Criminal Court since 2015. This means that the court is also responsible for crimes that have been committed there. Several states, organizations and international legal experts had taken positions in the legal dispute. Germany had declared that from the perspective of the federal government, Palestine was not a state. Therefore there is no basis for a jurisdiction of the court.

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