Crime in paradise: they found the body of the young Ana Gómez at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya hotel


The corpse of the 21-year-old, Ana Gómez, which was last seen in Playa del Carmen on the afternoon of December 18, was found this Monday in the vicinity of the hotel Hard Rock Riviera Maya.

The victim’s father, who traveled from Chiapas to the Riviera a few days ago to look for his daughter, he could barely recognize his daughter’s corpse due to the advanced state of decomposition where he was. Ana’s friends and acquaintances confirmed the news through social networks.

The young Ana Gómez worked in this hotel for six months as a steward (dishwasher), a time she had to have arrived in Playa del Carmen from her native Chiapas in search of a better quality of life for her family.

Hard Rock Riviera Maya (Photo: Google)
Hard Rock Riviera Maya (Photo: Google)

On Friday the 18th he came to work at 6:00 am, as explained by his co-workers to friends and family. However, after his shift ended, approximately between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., they no longer saw her.

Citizens held a march in Puerto Aventuras on Monday to demand the clarification of this case and find him or those guilty of the femicide. With slogans issued with shouts and cards they asked “Justice for Ana”And, in that way, they arrived at the front of the hotel

Feminist groups Always together and Digital Defenders of Quintana Roo They gave their support to the young woman’s relatives and asked the hotel to provide the videos of the security cameras that the authorities have to find the culprit (s), as well as to support themselves with the resources that the family needs after the death of Ana Gómez.

His body was found this Monday on a sidewalk used by workers at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya hotel
His body was found this Monday on a sidewalk used by workers at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya hotel

Ana Gómez’s family told the local media that everything seems to indicate that the hotel management tried to dissociate itself from the disappearance and murder of the young woman, arguing that they are too large a company to take care of each of their employees.

However, it was discovered that this is not the first time that a female worker has disappeared at their facilities:

3 years ago Elizabeth ricalde He also worked in the same hotel, and mysteriously disappeared; she was never heard from again. April 25, 2017 was his last post on Instagram, revealing that he was at the Hard Rock. Since then her family has not heard from her again.

Despite the fact that they filed a disappearance complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office, their whereabouts were never known. The Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office reported in a statement that “Investigative police discovered the lifeless body of a woman in a green area 800 meters from the federal highway Puerto Aventuras-Puerto Juárez, in the municipality of Solidaridad”.

Mexico accumulates, between January 1 and November 30, 860 presumed femicides nationwide. In the eleventh month of the year, 82 new cases were added to the total, the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) reported on Friday.

The total of cases registered until the last day of November converted the country, in the absence of registration for the entire month of December, in the third worst year in terms of femicides since 2015, when records of this type began, but it goes way to surpass both 2018 (893) as of 2019 (940).


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