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Crazy snow removal: man uses flamethrowers to clear the entrance of ice

Why shovel snow when you can also burn snow? An American demonstrates how quickly you can clear a driveway with a flame thrower.

Ashland (USA) – Why shovel snow when you can also “snow burn”? A Americans shows how impressively quick you can get with one flamethrower clean a snow-covered driveway.

A flamethrower in one hand, a beer and a cigar in the other: safe road clearance is probably different.

A flamethrower in one hand, a beer and a cigar in the other: safe road clearance is probably different. ©

While there is hardly any white Christmas in this country, the US state of Kentucky is apparently already falling a lot more snow. The American Timothy Browning from Ashland has therefore used a very special method to avoid being snowed in.

In two videos that he shared on Facebook, you can see the man standing in front of his house in a tight, white bathrobe with a warm woolen hat on his head and a cigar and a beer can in his left hand.

But what is even more interesting is what kind of device he carries in his right hand: Timothy Browning has a flamethrower with him and uses it to fight the snow and ice in his front yard!

Meter-long jets of flames shoot out of the hot gun and melt everything that comes in their way. Beth, the man’s wife, is behind the camera and comments: “This is how you clean a driveway!”

Take a look at the couple’s crazy flamethrower clips for yourself!

The action made such waves on the Internet that even Hollywood actor Will Smith (52) shared a clip on his Instagram channel. As a result alone, more than ten million people have watched the funny evacuation operation.

Timothy Browning himself writes “God bless Merica!” (so “God bless America”). In fact, fun doesn’t seem to be a problem in the US, it would be different in Germany.

Because in Germany the use of flamethrowers is according to the gun law not allowed. So if it should snow here soon, you will unfortunately have to use the normal snow shovel.

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