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Crash on Lake Garda – DNA traces on the control lever!

Salon (Italy) – Almost three months after the fatal crash on Lake Garda, the two accused German dead speeders are severely burdened by new DNA finds on board their Riva Aquarama “Orso”.

Immediately after the accident in which Umberto Garzarella († 37) and Greta Nedrotti († 25) were killed on June 19, 2021, no DNA traces could be found on the helm.

In a second examination carried out by Greta’s family, however, 15 smears were taken from the chrome-plated lever of the rudder, four of which could be assigned to Patrick K. (52).

The Munich manager is under house arrest in Modena after he surrendered to the Italian authorities at the burner in early July and known himself as the driver of the “Orso”.

The tracer is listed as “Unknown 2”

Nevertheless, the families of the victims doubt whether K. was really at the helm at the time of the accident. Because whenever cameras saw the “Orso” that evening, the owner of the Riva Aquarama was at the wheel.

He had refused an alcohol test on the Sunday after the crash and according to a report by the “Journal of Brecia” also did not agree to a saliva test. It remains unclear whether he is the cause of other DNA traces. The tracer is listed as “Unknown 2”.

▶ ︎ Meanwhile, the defenders of the two Germans, who are being investigated for negligent homicide, have demanded nine million from Umberto’s survivors Euro compensation for pain and suffering as “particularly excessive” rejected.

The horror accident on Lake Garda

The victims, Umberto († 37) and Greta († 25) had only recently been a couple – and the romantic Lake Garda excursion was one of the first, according to “La Repubblica”, that they went on together.

The motorboat of the two German tourists raced into the couple’s small wooden boat on the night of Sunday (June 20), the 37-year-old Umberto Garzarella died immediately of serious injuries in the crash, his girlfriend Greta Nedrotti (25) passed away Board. Her body was later found in the port of Portese. However, Greta might have been saved.

▶ ︎ After reconstruction by the police, the clash took place at 11.30 p.m., about 100 meters from the port of Portese. The luxurious and powerful motorboat (Riva Aquarama) of the two Germans, Patrick K. and his friend, hit the small wooden boat of the Italians at high speed and raced brutally over it.

Now the two accused German dead speeders are heavily burdened by new DNA finds on board their Riva Aquarama “Orso”.

If the accused and the families agreed in advance on financial compensation, the proceedings could be ended without trial under Italian law and without the threat of a five-year prison sentence.

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