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COVID infected trump tweeted – I’m fine, the doctor said, the next 48 hours is very difficult. america – World

Washington. US President Donald Trump, who was taken to a military hospital for treatment of Covid-19 infection, was “in a very good mood” and was free from fever for the last 24 hours. According to the report, some important signs of Trump during the last 24 hours were very worrying and the next 48 hours will be important from the point of view of his care.

Colonel Sean Dooley said that President Trump is not on oxygen support and he has no problem breathing or walking. According to CNN, Dooley gave information about the health of the President and said, “He is in a very good mood. We are keeping a close watch on the evidence of any complications due to corona virus infection or from treatment being done to improve them. ”

Slowly Trump’s health is improving
Dooley said that the President’s heart, kidney, liver etc. were normal all morning. Trump’s doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, said the president had “a little fever and a little nose and fatigue” on Thursday, and “the problems are still going away and improvement is happening.” A person familiar with this confirmed that Trump was given oxygen at the White House. However, his doctor Conley avoided this question in the press briefing.Also read: – Special medicine prepared from mice given to the sick trumps from Corona, is not for the common people!

7 days is very important after coming positive
Conley said, “The first week and especially seven to ten days are very important in deciding the possible direction of this disease. At present, the team and I are very happy with the improvement in the health of the President.

Trump (74) was taken to Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, a Maryland suburb of Washington DC on Friday after the Kovid-19’s ‘mild symptoms’ appeared. Trump went on a walk from his residence to pick up Marine Forest at South Lockon in the White House to go to Walter Reed Hospital.

Tweeted his health information
Significantly, Trump and first lady Melania Trump (50) were found infected on Friday in the Kovid-19 investigation. Trump tweeted on Saturday morning, “I understand that is going well.” Thanks to all of you. love.”

The President was rushed to the military hospital while his wife is undergoing treatment at the White House. Conley said that medical experts have recommended Remedesvir therapy for the treatment of the President.

For the first time since the President was taken to the military hospital, Conley said in a health bulletin on Friday night, “I am happy to say that the President’s health is improving.” Supplementary oxygen is not required, but in consultation with experts, we have decided to start Remedisvir therapy. He has completed his first dose and is resting. ”

The Trump administration earlier this year authorized Remedisvir for emergency use. This step was taken by this drug after showing the effect of corona virus on hospitalized patients and improving their health.

In a video shared on Twitter, Trump said, “I think I’m good but we’re going to make sure things move in the right direction.”

He had put this video of 18 seconds after reaching the hospital.

Meanwhile, two senators, a former advisor to President Trump, his campaign manager, and three White House journalists, Kovid-19 were found infected. In this way many people associated with the President’s office got infected.

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