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Covid Edomex. Doctor worked without protection and in 12 days he died

Jorge Alejandro López Rivas, undergraduate intern doctor, worked in the Emergency area of ​​the Hospital General Ecatepec Dr. José María Rodríguez, where on several occasions he treated patients suspected of covid-19, “Without having the necessary equipment.”

According to a letter from UNAM doctors, in December, the doctor continued to carry out his work when on day 12 he began to have symptoms such as headaches and body aches, as well as diarrhea and loss of taste.

López Rivas reported his situation to those in charge of the area, but they ignored him and asked him to continue with his work, arguing that “It didn’t look too bad.”

The symptoms continued until December 15, when he decided to report to the triage area of ​​the hospital where he worked; However, After a medical evaluation, they gave him his diagnosis in which they indicated him as “a patient with no evidence of respiratory distress, afebrile, neurologically complete.”

Despite this, Jorge continues to report discomfort, so the covid-19 PCR test is performed and while waiting for the result, the emergency doctor on duty orders him once again to continue with his service.

He December 18, lJorge’s health worsens. Now his symptoms are added to shortness of breath and his condition is immediately reported to the Emergency, Epidemiology and Teaching service of the same hospital.

Given this, he is referred to another PCR test and pided the results of the test carried out three days before in order to validate his disability, “since otherwise it would be taken as a breach of his work, for which he attends his service, with worsening of the clinical picture during the watch, so who decides to withdraw from the unit ”.

Three days later, on December 21, su oxygenation level is 79 percent. It is when he decides to go to a private doctor “who begins the scheme for SARS-COV2 infection and the use of supplemental oxygen at 3 liters per minute.”

Jorge reported his health status to the area where he works, but they ask him to wait for the results of the PCR, taken six days ago, and they order him “to see the way” to go to work.

His body asks for more supplemental oxygen and the results of the test do not arrive, nor were they required by the Teaching area, “who also did not contact relatives” and took his absence as absences.

At 5:00 p.m. on January 4, Jorge was admitted by his relatives to the same hospital, in a serious condition and “Still saturating 10 liters with supplemental oxygen, no more than 65 percent.”

For forty minutes, his same colleagues from the ER, the area where he was infected, fought to revive him, but this was not enough, because at 5:40 p.m. the doctor died.

Jorge’s death caused the protest of the Undergraduate Internal Doctors of the UNAM, the National Polytechnic Institute and the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, who provide their services in the general hospital, who have declared in Permanent Assembly

Doctors accuse that his partner died due to lack of equipment, timely medical attention, medicines and oxygen.

In writing with the logo of the Iztacala School of Higher Studies of the UNAM, denounce that all the doctors on duty, resident doctors of general surgery and resident doctors of internal medicine, who participate in this fight work “without gloves, alcohol, syringes, valve, reservoir mask, functional oxygen intake, laryngoscope, inducing drugs. coma, trilume catheter, or personal protective equipment ”.

And that “until now, the hospital authorities have not contacted relatives, nor have they established a position regarding this unfortunate event.”



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